Friday, August 1, 2014


Today we met some friends at the Homestead crater to hike to the top for a brag tag .
{more on brag tags in a later post}
Truman, Bodie, Miles, Noah, Gab, Tab
Ready, set, go!
Truman helping out Bodie - we had to count the stairs to earn our brag tag.
The view of Midway from the top is pretty cool.
This is looking toward Lime Canyon and Snake Creek Canyon - you can see our other house in this picture.
At the very top you can look down into the crater at the people swimming.
Bodie, Ella, Truman, Noah, Gab, Tab, Miles.
Pete just hanging out along for the ride in Tami's arms.
And then it was back down again.
After driving by a few places in Midway to earn our "Midway Tour" brag tag we stopped by Timp Freeze for their famous $.50 dipped cones.
Thanks friends for a fun summer activity.