Friday, October 31, 2014


 Why do I always take pictures when my kids are napping?
Truman was out like a lightbulb this day ... drooling and everything.
 We grew ALL of these pumpkin and gourds in our garden and around our yard.
Even we were surprised at our harvest!
The kids saw this idea and wanted to try it.  It's a brownie with a ghost on top.  They were actually really yummy.
 After waiting ALL summer for our back door neighbors to landscape so we could finally wash our windows {their dirt keeps blowing over onto our windows} they told us they are going to wait until spring.  Ahh!  So Gregg went out and cleaned some of our windows that have been filthy dirty all summer.  I cleaned the insides while he cleaned the outsides.
 It has been a beautiful fall.
I took this picture one morning walking home from the bus stop.
 For Enrichment this month we had a presentation by the Food Nanny.  I felt inspired to make her French Baguette for my family once a week {try to fatten these kids up}.  It is such a versatile bread to have on hand or in the freezer.  This was my first attempt.  The Food Nanny's daughter is a good friend of mine so she stopped by to help me make my first loafs.
Reading, reading and more reading!  Isn't kindergarten the best?
We checked this book out of the Library and while reading it learned that one of the little boys in it is named Truman!
 The most beautiful clouds and colors one morning at the buss stop.
This is what those beautiful clouds looked like over our house.  This picture was taken at 8:30 in the morning!  The lighting was so dark - but pretty.
Tired!  Just resting his head while in the bumbo.
Flip-flops and gloves to school.  It works!
So, we have had a "peeping Tom" in our neighborhood - which is super scary and had me totally freaked out and up a lot at night.  Two dads followed the guy in their mini van at 3 AM down Parley's Canyon to SL until the cops caught up with him.  Freaky.  And he has come back several nights in a row.  Everyone in the neighborhood is on high alert.  Everyone is sleeping with all exterior lights on and our HOA hired a security company who will now be patrolling our neighborhood form 6PM to 6AM.  We put our halloween ghost by our front door so if anyone gets close to the front door it looks like someone is staring out the door looking at them.  It makes me feel a little better.
 Here is our Halloween ghost looking out the front door protecting us!!  Every time I walk by it at night I get totally scared that it is a person! It is probable scaring me more then any potential intruder! 
 These crazy friends on the bus.
Jake, Luke, Truman.
I love when I get mail from Mexico!!
 About 6 weeks ago we had an early freeze.  I was really worried all my tomatoes would freeze and they weren't quit ready to be pick.  I heard that if you pick them green you can wrap them in news paper and put them in a cool dark place and they will ripen.  I figured it was worth a try so I filled a 5 gallon bucked with green tomatoes that I wrapped.  To my delight it totally worked and they ripened!  I guess their own gasses help them ripen {or at least that is what I have been told}.
 Morning Date with Gregg to the temple.
Rose and fall leaves, beautiful.
So ... I have been on the hunt for the perfect diaper bag since before Pete was born.  I don't want a bag that screams "diaper bag" and I don't want one of the over-seen over-used uber-popular and super trendy Petunia Pickle bottom bags that everyone else has. Ha!  I think I want a super chic and classy brown leather bag - that way I can carry it into a meeting or church and feel classy, and it goes with everything.  And I know exactly what size I am looking for.

I saw this HUGE leather bag at TJ Maxx and was telling my mom what a joke it was.  She happened to be there another day and I had seen the bag I was talking about and had even checked it out {she is on the hunt for the perfect carry-on for some upcoming trips}.  My mom convinced me that I need the bag {not hard to do} to haul all my jump to-and-from in.  Ha!  What a joke!  I had to get it - mostly for a joke.  Pictured above it's so big I can even carry my kids in it!!!  We showed my dad who laughed and said he saw a woman try to board a plane with a bag that large as her carry on.

It is the perfect bag to day trips.  I can easily pack all my kids swim gear, snow gear or pj's when going to cousins or grandmas.  It's not an everyday "diaper bag" so the hunt for that bag is still on {even though my baby is 8 months old}.
 Ready for school!  Gardening gloves double as mittens.
 Someone got to ride in the big kids forward facing car chair {just to the bus stop} and he loved it.
Truman got to stay up late one night and watch a BYU football game with Gregg.  When I asked Truman from the other room what the score was he quickly brought me this piece of paper with the score written down.  I love how into letters, numbers, reading and writing he is!
 Once a week we have been making Halloween treats to share with friends.  I have always wanted to try these candy corn rice crispy treats but thought they looked to hard.  The opposite was true, they were so much fun and so easy.  Bodie was in heaven making them.
This is a typical after school look for Truman.  He has his play clothes on, backpack full of treasures and his helmet on {although its the wrong one for biking!} and is headed over to a friends house to play in an outdoor fort they built this summer.

What a great October with beautiful warmer then usual weather.

Halloween 2014.

We had a great Halloween.
It started with a neighborhood dinner at the club house.  It was so much fun for the kids to get to all see each other, play and eat.  As dinner finished everyone headed out around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat.
Hopefully these cute boys will always be best buddies ... and this is only HALF of them!
Carter, Luke, Ben, Truman, Jake, Joey.
These cute super hero's are in our Sunday School class.
I loved this costume.
A candy vending machine.
Our cute friend Ty the chicken.
Jake the Broncos football player and Truman the zombie.
My friend Cami's house - always done so cute.
We liked our backdoor neighbors dog's costume - a Ute cheerleader.  She didn't like it as much - she was going nuts in their yard all night.
These two were die-hard trick-or-treaters.  They were determined to get every house in our neighborhood.  And thanks to good dads I think they did.
Pete, Bodie and I on the other hand were not die-hards.
After a few piece of candy Bodie was satisfied and wanted to go home to hand out our candy.
Pete went to bed!
Bodie LOVED handing out candy all night.  It was the cutest thing ever.  He would open the door, move the candy bucket over and tell people they could take one piece.  Then he proceeded to compliment EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. on their costume.  What a kind and thoughtful kid.
We were expecting lots of kids so I bought a huge variety of candy.
I kept telling Bodie that we had plenty of candy and the kids could take more then one if they wanted.
He said, "mom, only one piece or they will get a tummy ache."
What a sweetie.  We had fun for hours together tonight passing out candy.
 Our good friends the Fife's made a special trip to our house so we could see their awesome Star Wars costumes.
Finally the trick-or-treater we were waiting for showed up!  TRUMAN.  He and Gregg were gone for hours.  When they finally came home Gregg said they had trick-or-treated to our friends the Woolstehulme's house and Donna had invited them in for hot coco and soup.  They had been "hanging out" over there for the last hour talking about the night and watching football.  I had to laugh, and then immediately text Donna and thank her for hosting Truman and Gregg.  They had a blast.
 Earlier in the night when I couldn't get my eyelashes to stick I decided to use super glue.
I was in a hurry!
 Tonight when it was time to take off my eye lashes I was second guessing my brilliant idea...