Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial weekend.

We went to Idaho this weekend to meet this cute guy, Crew.
I love his face in this picture.  He looks like he is so mad at me for taking his picture.
Get used to it Crew!

Lindsey {my cousin} and  Crew.  We missed you Abe.
Yes, that is Truman in a dress.
What a cute girl!
My mom bought some new summer dresses for Truman's cousin Jean.  I told her Truman needed some summer clothes.  Next thing I knew she had changed Truman into this dress without anyone noticing.
Great Grandma Arave chilling with Crew and my dad playing countless hours of ball with Truman.
Truman exploring the glass window with McKay.

My uncle Joel grilled hamburger in the rain and made Grandma Vira baked bean in the garage for our celebration.  
Because of all the rain we had an indoor BBQ and lots of indoor games.

Truman and Crew enjoying their bumbos.
On Sunday the sun came out for a minute so we all headed out on a walk.  Afterward Joel got out his dirt bike for McKay to ride.  Joel tried to ride McKay's fixy bike.

Ilene with the kids.

On Monday morning my mom, McKay and I rode our bikes from my grandparents {Araves} to my other grandparents {Quinns} and then through the long rolling Idaho farm roads to Trent's house.  I wish I had my camera because the fields were so pretty.  Maybe next time.
Thanks everyone for a great, relaxing weekend.

Friday, May 28, 2010

friday flashbacks.

I know I usually post a photo for Friday flashbacks but today I wanted to share this postcard that my parents sent me in January 1994 when they were visiting New York City.  It is defiantly a keep sake now!  Who knew.  Luckily I was able to visit the twin towers a few times before they were destroyed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

stella's 2.

We celebrated Stella's 2nd Birthday today with all of Gregg's family {minus Matt and Eric}.
Tami made the adorable "2" shirt.

Sunday night Tara, Krista, Becka and I got together to make these chocolate wings for Stella's butterfly cake.
Tara did a fantastic job putting it all together.
I had fun playing around with a new lens for my camera.
Truman likes the cupcakes.
Truman learning to ride the bee.  He know's how to make a bee {buzzzz} sound.
We have been enjoying the Simons Family this week.  Krista is in town with the twins from North Carolina {we miss you Matt} and Becka and Lincoln are here from St. George {we miss you Eric}.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

book club.

On Saturday night we had book club to discuss The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.  Tami hosted us at her house and served a yummy chocolate fondue.  I was not a huge fan of this book.  I had to restart it three times - it might have been that I was so focused on my triathlon that I had a hard time focusing on the book.  I would call this a modern day ghost tale.  I will say that I did like it a little better after discussing it with everyone at book club.
I am only giving the book two stars out of five {sorry}.

Next we are reading Candide by Voltaire.
It should be interesting.
Thanks Tamil for the wonderful fondue!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today was my long anticipated woman of steel triathlon and we woke up to SNOW.  I thought they would cancel the bike ride because of the wet roads.  But instead they canceled the swim because we would have all had hypothermia!  It was 34 degrees when I started the race.  Burrr..luckily I threw in some long spandex.
Instead of swim, bike, run we did a run, bike, run.
Me and Truman before the race.  He was a good sport.  We woke him up at 6 in the morning and then he hung out in the cold rain outside in his stroller during the triathlon.
So, instead of a swim they made us RUN, bike, run.  I have been swimming twice a week for the past two months on an all womans club team so I was bummed I didn't get to swim.  I could do the swim much faster then a run.

Someone gave Truman this cow bell to ring.

Starting the bike.  This transition looks so much more crowded then it felt.

Truman thinking, 'why am I hanging out in the rain this early in the morning?'

Done with the bike, now for the second run {I was not thrilled that I had to run twice}.
Here is what the transition area looked like. I am in there somewhere hanging up my bike and changing my shoes.
This is a funny picture {and not very flattering!}  I never saw Gregg and Truman at any of my transitions, except right here.  I was just starting the second run.  I heard Gregg's voice and turned to see him holding Truman in one had and the camera in the other.  It was the only time I saw them the entire race and it made me so happy {I am waving in the picture}.
Truman enjoying a big chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.
I did the triathlon in just under an hour and a half.  It felt really good and I was happy with my time.
There was a photographer taking pictures so when I get those I will post them.

PS- Doing this Triathlon was one of my 2010 goals. Hurray. Done!

Friday, May 21, 2010

friday flashbacks.

To get in the spirit of my triathlon tomorrow I thought I would post an old triathlon picture for friday flashbacks.  
I cross-country skied, my friend Dustin biked and my cousin Jenny ran and we won for our age group!  Every year when I was in high school we would put together teams, my dad would take a suburben full of kids down for the weekend to Moab for the triathlon.  The year before this it snowed the night before and the triathlon was canceled.  We were all really bummed because we had put together 'girls' vs. 'boys' teams.

My cousin Jenny is doing the triathlon tomorrow as well.  Wish us luck!

March 2000 | Monticello, Utah

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We just met the twins!
 Gregg's younger sister {Krista} and her husband Matt had twins in December.  They are here from North Carolina for a visit.  They boys are so cute!
outtakes - trying to get five people to look at the camera at once is not easy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

monday, monday.

I have always wanted to ride my bike from Park City to Midway but I have been to scared that I couldn't do it.  Finally after two years of saying I was going to do it - I did it!! 
{unfortunately the wind was not in our favor - it was a little sketchy riding in the wind on highway 40}
McKay, Gregg and I rode from my parents house in Park City to our house in Midway and no one died!  McKay is an animal on his bike, he would stop periodically and wait for me.  When we got to Midway my mom had dinner all ready for us. Thanks mom.
As soon as we got home from our bike ride it was off to Gregg's baseball game {make that THREE baseball games}.  Here he is running into home for a score.
A hit.
Kind of a cool picture.  That is Gregg getting ready to pitch.
Gregg pitching.