Monday, August 31, 2015


August according to my iphone.
I can't believe we are at the end of August and Bodie STILL falls asleep in church every Sunday.
I finally remembered to bring a blanket to lay him down on.
While my brother Anthony was in town from Michigan he ran me to the ground - literarily!!!
This was one morning after he ran to my house and picked me up and then we both ran to my parents house.  It was a 6.2 mile run for me and a half marathon for him.
My uncle Joel's salsa made from all fresh ingredients from my garden and my parents.
I could eat this entire thing myself!
Pete is at this wonderful stage of life.
Truman and Bodie both entered the Lego competition at the library.
Bodie LOVES to ride his bike.  One of our summer goals was to ride from our house to my parents.  Gregg and the boys did it once already, this was their second time.
I was flying down the road headed out of Midway one day and got pulled over - I will admit I deserved a ticket - I probable deserved to be hauled off to jail but somehow my luck keeps running strong {I have never gotten a ticket} I got another warning ... oh, and a misdemeanor for not having my license with me.  Luckily all I had to do was make a court appearance to get everything taken off my record.
Some girlfriends and I went to dinner in American Fork one night and then they introduced me to Rita's ... yum!
Pete loving on the big bear at the BYU bookstore.
Sometimes this kid gets so tired he curls up on the sofa and falls asleep even with all that his happening around him.
I don't know why this picture was on my phone - maybe one of the kids took it - it does show my nice large white canvas that is waiting for me to be inspired to paint.
My friend Tami let my mom and I pick one of her blackberry crops.
This little bush produced so many blackberries - it was so happy this year!
Thanks for sharing one crop with us Tami!
What a mess.
Pete loved the blackberries.
I made me famous Peach Blackberry Pie as payment for the blackberries.
Tiffany, Quinn and I all matched one day.
Boy scout dinners going in the freezer for Gregg
Patient McKay getting a new do by Jean.
Stick 'em mom!
Alseep ... in church ... again.
This was in the Friend magazine - love it.
Summer lunch with friends.
Truman, Luke, Jake, Bodie and Pete.
And a little afternoon quiet time in my bed!
Our niece Valley was born on August 17th.
Look at that hair!
Gregg graciously tackled dinner and bedtime by himself so I could go hold the new baby and see my sister in the hospital.
Aaron showing up for the night after putting his other kids to bed.
Let's Play Music started back up for both boys.  Truman is in Purple Magic and Bodie is in Red Balloons.  Truman put his books up on the piano like this after his first class - he is so excited.
My mom and I have been watching my sisters kids since she had her baby - Anna let me do these braids one day.
Addie is making this quilt as one of her Personal Progress projects.
Crazy hair after a couple of days of braids.
It's peach season in Utah and we can't get enough.
Fresh peaches and homemade whip cream.
Cinnamon rolls for the crowds one Saturday morning.
Pete likes to play.
More of this going on.
Also lots of this going on.
{first trimester of pregnancy = tired}
Off to the bus stop.
After school space ship rides.
Pete likes to help with the mowing.
And more of this.
Bodie working on his music puppets.  He colored and cut them out all by himself - He sat here and worked on these for several hours one day.
When he was done I laminated them and put them on the sticks - he was so proud of his work.
Good job Bodie.
Grandpa Quinn brought the boys magnetic night lights from work one week.  They loved them.
Pete has discovered the sports court.  He will crawl all the way down there by himself and play with the balls.
Late night - movie night snuggles.
It's good to finally see Pete do some more crawling and discovering.
He got himself stuck like this one day.
Teething is no fun.

August was great and now we are off to September and a school schedule.