Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oregon Coast: sea lions.

The ocean is so beautiful!
 We drove north of Winchester Bay to Florence to see the Sea Lion caves before our journey back home.  I have my picture taken on this same statue when I was younger {I need to find it and post}.  I totally remember visiting here as a kid.
Luckily the sea lions had just come into the cave so we could see them ... and smell them.
Truman was more fascinated in the sea lions then Bodie.  We checkout a book from the library about them so Truman was excited to actually see them after learning about them.
 The views are just amazing.
 Truman saying good-bye to the sea until next time.
On the road again.
There are some really pretty parts of Oregon ... and some not so pretty parts {like the entire east bound drive across the state}.
 On our way home we stopped in Eugine to visit Gregg's uncle Allen.  We haven't seen him in years.  He made us a yummy brunch with fresh veggies from his garden and showed us around his property.  It was really fun to see him and for Gregg to reminisce.
 In some random small town in Oregon I got pulled over for speeding.
I had stopped at the first gas station in town to use the restroom - when they didn't have a public restroom I jumped in the car and started driving to the next gas station until I got stopped.  The officer asked why I was speeding and I told him, "because I have been in the car for hours and I really need to use the bathroom".
I didn't get a ticket!
Saturday night we stayed at one of Gregg's co-workers second {or third or fourth} homes on the McKenzie River.  This was the view from the kitchen window.  When he heard we were road tripping with our kids to the Oregon Coast he offered his home to us which was VERY nice of him.
When the kids start to go crazy in the car we just handcuff them to the seats!  Just kidding!