Thursday, August 28, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten.

Today was the day.
Truman's first day of kindergarten.

We woke up to a really thick low layer of fog in the valley.  It didn't deter Truman from the highly anticipated bike ride to the bus stop!
And begin a second child myself, I totally relate to Bodie wanting to be part of the action and get his picture taken too!
This is only three of the TWELVE little boys in our neighborhood going to kindergarten this year!
These three became best buddies this summer.
{Truman, Jake, Luke}
There is a bus just for the two stops in our neighborhood!  Our stop alone had 32 kids in the morning, and I love it that way!
It was social hour out there this morning waiting for the bus with all the parents there.
I love this picture of Truman!  Checking out the "big" kids!!
Actually this little girl Grace was SO sweet to Truman.  I think Truman is the only kid without an older sibling also riding the bus so she said she would sit with him, it totally melted my heart and made me feel a little bit better about sending him on the bus {well that and the fact that there were 32 other kids for our neighborhood getting on with him}!  
Such a cutie!
He looks a little nervous although I don't think he really was, he insisted on riding the bus from day one.
Grace watching out for him :)
This is to document that Gregg and I were not the only parent there, nor the only one with a camera!  I am sure the bus driver thinks we are all nuts!  Can I just say I love where we live!!!

I was completely impressed yesterday when Truman's teacher called and asked it he would be on the bus today.  Her advise was to send him on the bus {even the first day} if that is going to be the way he gets to/from school, so that from the beginning he learns the protocol.  As a first-time parent of a kid in public school I appreciated her call and confirmation that she would be there to greet him when he got off the bus.

Yesterday I also got a call from our bus driver.   He introduced himself and let me know the pick-up and drop-off times and locations.  He gave us his contact information and said he was excited to meet Truman.

I am impressed with both the school and the bus garage for the courtesy calls!
Back home Bodoe had to figure out what to do without Truman.
He asked to have Pete down on the floor with him to watch him play bowling.
Bodie learned really quickly that he can play with Truman's toys while he is gone and Truman never has to know about it :)
The radio in the underwear!  Awesome.
And the badge on the other side.
{I had to take those two pictures without him noticing}
Stick 'em mom!
 We made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies to take to the kids at the bus stop after school.
Cookies ready to take to the bus stop.
We started a big group text message with all the mom's of kindergarteners at our stop so we can easily communicate.  The school actually contacted us to see if one of the moms could drive down to the bus garage today and ride the bus home with the kids to ensure they were all there and all got off at the correct stop!  One of the mom's who doesn't have any younger kids at home rode with the kids and then we took her to her car after she got off at our stop.  She said the kids were shocked to see her at school on the bus!  There is also a school district employee that will ride the bus on a regular basis with the kids to help.
The bus driver got off before the kids to give us mom's a talk and teach us the rules!!
Cute little Cozi who thinks she is one of the big kids.
Here he comes!
First day done!
And they LOVED the cookies!
On the walk home Truman said, "mom, I loved the cookies, but warm pizza would be good next time."
It is going to be a good year!