Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Miscellaneous May!
Truman and Grandma coloring on her bed.
Truman and his buddy Kate at Let's Play Music station day.
Truman and Kate have been in the same music classes for 4 years.
Norah trying on new headbands.
Two more teeth gone in two days.
The most beautiful English garden in our neighborhood.
Signs of spring in my front yard.
Truman stole McKay's hat and likes to wear it.
Some days are just bigger than others.
This picture does not do this beautiful street in our neighborhood justice.
It is amazing in the spring time.
I took this picture with a new lens my dad gave me for my iphone.
Norah trying on her blessing dress {which was my dress} so I could have a slip made for it.
I snapped this picture to send to the seamstress.
Somehow over the years the slip was lost - I found a lady up north to make a slip for me.
Pete looks at our Chatbooks daily.
I finally got smart and moved them to a low shelf where he can reach them himself.
She LOVES to have her hands by her face.
I spy two little feet ...
Sorry little Norah ... with three older brothers sometimes you get to be wrapped in blue.
One afternoon the kids and walked over to get the mail, these teenagers were playing basketball, Truman walked right up to them and asked if he could play with them!!!  They were so kind and slowed down the pace of their game to include my kids - even little Pete.
Dropping my parents off at the airport for their month long European adventures.
Take your pet - or favorite stuffed animal - to school day.
{Truman, Ty, Bodie, Luke and Pete}
The weather finally turned nice enough for a Friday afternoon bike/hike up Memorial hill.
Bodie rode his bike halfway up Memorial hill before getting a flat tire - we ditched his bike on the side of the trail and he hiked up the rest of the mountain.  He was a total trooper.
Came home to this one day.
I love the "find my friends" app.
Just checking in on my parents in Ireland and missing them.
I love this picture they sent from Ireland.
Lots more of this going on with these two.
My bleeding hearts are SO happy this spring.
I tried to find a white variety to add with no luck - maybe next year.
I worked a ton on our garden boxes ... never ending!  The kids collected worms with a friend while I worked.
At the end of January our Ward Council issued a challenge to read the Book of Mormon as families.  We have seen so many blessings in our family and with the kids from reading.  Truman has been asking to take a turn reading - he does such a good job.  One of the many blessings has been the huge improvement in his reading {even though he was already a good reader}.
Just checking in on my parents again .. this time in London.
Pete and the attach of the vaseline.
I did not know how to get this stuff out of his hair.
Nope, hail one day after church.
Just checking in on my parents again, this time in Spain.
These two!
Pete's look has changed a lot now that he has all his teeth.
Pete LOVES to hold Norah.
He sits up on our bed and gets pillows all around himself and then asks to hold her.
{Enoch, Truman, Jean, Quinn and Anna}

I met Tiffany and some of her kids down at Macy's in Orem to grocery shop one day.  I had Truman with me because he was playing hooky from a school field trip.  We love Macy's - especially the soft serve.
Cousins rollin' together.
As if Tiff doesn't have enough children of her own ... she wanted to snuggle Norah and Pete insisted on sitting on her lap.
Jean is proud of her new dance shirt!
She keeps telling me it can't be washed or the sparkles will come off ...
We really like the new fajita pizza a Papa Murphy's
We get it with half steak and half chicken just to mix things up a bit.

So ... our family has this huge and kind of humorous GroupMe that we all post to all day.  The women created a second hangout called "Quinn Women" for things like parenting, motherhood, pregnancy, etc.  Apparently the boys thought they needed their own GroupMe too!  I had no idea about it until I confiscated Gregg's phone one night to find out more about the "secret bachelor party" for McKay.  I took the above screen shot because I thought it was pretty funny.
"Quinn Gents"

The secret bachelor party planning GroupMe :)

And this funny conversation about growing beards for the wedding.

We also had this crazy google doc going with all the wedding details on it -
about halfway through the planning someone renamed it "The Big Fat Finale Wedding"
Pete crawling up onto the stroller to give Norah loves after a morning run.
Me and Pete FaceTiming with my parents after they had been gone almost a month.
Our Hopkinson cousins were "off" track this month so we had Enoch for a few days.
Trying out his wedding ring.
Morning Norah loves.
Restocking our freezer with dough balls.
Norah's hair is already long enough for pig-tails :)
There is a story behind this picture.
This is my friends husband putting gas into my car on the side of the road in Provo canyon.
Yes.  I ran out of gas!
In my defense I was driving a loaner car from the dealership while my new car was being worked on.
It was a crazy busy morning that started at 6 AM with a big workout with my friend, a quick shower and then I ran out the door to make it to Pleasant Grove to Rachel's wedding shower.  And then I ran out of gas.
I felt like an idiot.
I got to the shower right when it ended :(
I only took this one picture of Rachel and her two sisters.
Who sleeps like this?
In Germany and about to come home!!!
And finally, one night Norah was sacked out on my shoulder, I did not want to put her down!  She felt so good!