Sunday, July 31, 2011


If you haven't tried google+ yet ... you should.
Here is a picture of my computer screen Sunday night while participating in a "hangout" with my cousins.

{The funny thing about this is that some of these cousins are from my mom's side of the family and some are from my dad's side of the family...but they all know each other}.

Left to right: me {Midway, Utah}, Jake and Sarah Quinn {Chicago, IL}, Jake Trent {Herriman, Ut}, Anne Trent and Eric Thun {Idaho Falls, ID}, Lindsey Schank {Fallon, NV}, Lauren and Nate Quinn {San Francisco, CA}.

See you all again next Sunday.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

youth conference.

I survived Youth Conference!
We did a reenactment of the story of Abinadi, Kind Noah, Alma and Helam.  

 Bishop as Abinadi
 King Noah and his wicked women!
 priest with Alma on the far right.
 Burning of Abinadi.

Alma and Helam at the Waters of Mormon.
a guard.
We roasted a pig all day for dinner along with dutch oven potatoes, fresh green salad and rolls.
{I did all the food - and no one starved!}
 Some of the kids playing around with the swords they made.

There is a slide show of pictures posted here or here.
We also had a professional video-photographer who made a movie of the play.  It can be seen here.

PS- If anyone is interested in doing this in the future for their youth conference I have all the scripts.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


My cousin Anne came to stay with us for a few days and help take care of the boys.  Anne is a wonderful pianist - she and Truman had fun playing and singing primary songs.  Truman would requests a song and Anne would turn right to it and play it - then he would say "play it again Anne" {x4}! Gregg and I were able to go on a date every day this week - even though two of those dates were to Costco to buy food for Youth Conference which is this weekend.
Thanks Anne.  I hope you want to come back again next summer!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is what our house looks like this afternoon...why am I not asleep too?!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 My dad and youngest brother McKay left today for Sweden to attend the World Scout Jamboree.  You can follow there blog here.
We went to Park City to have lunch with them before they left for the next few weeks.  All the scouts from Utah are wearing cowboy hats to represent America.  Truman wanted to be in the picture, and then he wanted his own picture.  Future Eagle Scout {hopefully}.

Truman has been into flags ever since the 4th of July.  He points out all the flags he sees when we are driving in the car and he always asks us to sing 'the flag songs' from Primary.  Today at lunch he was sitting next to McKay - he pointed to the flag on McKay's uniform and said "McKay, I really like your flag"  

Monday, July 25, 2011


 We went to the Salt Lake Bee's baseball game tonight for family night.  Turman is all boy and loves any activity involving a ball - we wanted to take him to a baseball game.  He sat it awe on my lap most of the game.  He didn't really have much to say, I think he was just taking it all in.

 One of Gregg's golfing buddies and his family happened to be at the game as well - so for the second half we sat with them - it was kind of a fun coincidence.

We went on a night with fireworks which was an added bonus.  Truman talks about fireworks every night {sever since the 4th of July}.  When it came right down to it, and the fireworks starting to go off, he got a little scared!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

quinn family reunion.

Quinn Family Reunion time
Good memories = lots of pictures!
John and Marlene Quinn
Allen, Paul {my dad}, Vaughn, Wade, Aldean Wheeler, Sheila Purser, Ranae Smith.
Roasting hot dogs, mostly for the novelty of it.  We roasted the ones they really ate!
Baby Bodie and baby Anna taking naps.
Jean sat at the picnic table for hours and beaded a necklace.

My aunt Christine showed us how to make lavender wands, pictured below.  I hung ours in our tent of the night - ahhhh!

Four generations.
Paul Quinn, Camille Simons, Bodie Simons, John Quinn

Bodie has been hanging out with his tongue out for the past few weeks - not sure why.

Uncle Vaughn and Aunt Cindy were always loving on the babies.  If Cindy wasn't holding Anna then she was holding Bodie.

Everyone loves Grandma!  One of Truman and Jean's many disagreements.  They both wanted the same story - not sure what the problem was, they are both sitting on grandma's lap! And Enoch is putting his helmet on grandma trying to get her to go bike riding.

One of my cousins planned a family "Minute to Win It" game for entertainment and it was just that!

Great grandpa Quinn and Enoch.  Related?!

Truman mesmerized by the fire.

me, ready for bed!
The boys did awesome in a tent.  I think Bodie is the only one who didn't get a little cold.  Truman fell asleep in his sleeping bag holding a glow stick, sucking his thumb looking at the moon threw the tent window.  He thought it was pretty awesome.  Gregg and I enjoyed talking with my family until late into the night.  Thanks everyone for a great family reunion and great memories.