Thursday, March 31, 2016


March according to my iphone.
The kids have been doing the Read Today challenges for our local TV station - this picture of them we on the news.
This snow pile was once a huge snow cave the kids worked on all winter at my parents house.
McKay hanging out in our bed with us one Friday night!
BYU children's concert with our cousins.
They played Star Wars songs and the kids loved it.
McKay showed up one night just in time to help with bedtime.
Reading to Pete.
Reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish with Truman.
One of Aaron's Saturday projects pimping out the van.
Gregg trying out life with two babies.
Rub-a-dub-dub four boys in my tub.
Pete on his cell phone during FHE.
Monkey see, monkey do.
I am now on the Enrichment committee in our ward.
Our March activity included an opportunity for the women in our ward to show off quilts they have made and then we also did 4 humanitarian projects.
I was in charge of this small project where we put together kits for our local women shelter.  They are for the women who find themselves at the shelter during their birth month - it is a few papering items.
Enoch being a gentleman and caring my bag for me.
Coloring with cousins.
Morning cartoons in our bed.
Bodie's birthday craft with cousins.
One day while Hopkinson's were visiting Pete walked out and climbed in their car and wanted to go home with them.  He knows where the party is at.
Lots of snuggling and resting going on at our house this month.
Pete trying out the beds at Ikea.
Pete is obsessed with being outside - this day he put a loaf of grandma's homemade bread in the back on his car and would periodically stop and take a bite.
Sending grandpa and grandma off on what would end up being an epic trip to St. George.
We decorated the teachers doors at school with these cute shamrocks.
I like what Truman wrote about Mrs. Cook.
"I am lucky to have my teacher because ... she teaches me. She loves me.  She helps me learn."
A slurpee in the shower?  Silly kid.
More coloring.
Truman needed pictures with his grandpa's for an upcoming first grade program.
Rachel and McKay met us at the park one Sunday afternoon.
McKay's hair is getting so long that Rachel braided it.  Yuck!
Sunday afternoon games.
iphone picture by Truman.
My doctor told me my baby was going to be small - time to eat some calories!
We found some marshmallows that Pete can have ... another yummy treat.
Truman got an insanely hard puzzle for Christmas that we have been working on all month.  Here Gregg is studying the picture trying to find where a piece goes.
Gregg in his happy place.
Working on a puzzle while watching a NCAA basketball game.
Late night walk with Dallin and Becca - trying to get me to go into labor.
Love these cute boys.
My grandma Quinn fell while in St. George and broke her upper arm - she had to have reconstructive surgery and be hospitalized for a few days.  My dad texted me this picture.
Here she is back in Midway and starting to feel better.
My afternoon napping partner.
Our ping-pong table had been put up for a few month - Truman and Gregg go it back out and set up and on their FIRST rally back and forth these two hit the ball 100 TIMES without a miss.
They ran upstairs to tell me and I snapped this picture.
More puzzles.
These four love doing puzzles!
Sunday afternoon pass-time.
Spring skiing has been great with these storms we have been getting.
I love getting pictures like this texted to me from Gregg and McKay.
Truman discovered my brothers' old spy stuff at my parents house - this brings back so many childhood memories.
Truman's Meet the Masters art was chosen to be in the wall and he was pretty excited about it.
We saw our cousin Presley in the hall at school.
Come on labor!
Our cousins Jonas and Elliott where in town and came to see us.
A little after school Easter egg artwork.
First stop on the way home from the hospital was my parents house to get Pete.
Yep Pete - She is here to stay.
Jean loves babies.
And just like that we have a baby girl!!!
Bodie checking out his resurrection roll with an empty center.
Getting a little sun.
Everyone wants to be right by Norah.
Lots of holding and snuggling going on.
Pete wants to be right up by me and Norah when we snuggle.
Four kids!
Bodie has kindergarten registation.
I love that my mom stops by at least once a day to hold Norah.
Gregg was so happy when the new Star Wars movie was available for digital download before midnight!
I fell asleep to Gregg and Norah watching Star Wars!