Friday, February 28, 2014

Baby Annoucment.

The Hospital part II.

The second day at the hospital was spent resting and trying to figure out a name for this little guy.
The hospital gave us this book which I think made things worse!
I have wanted his middle name to be either Gregg or Gregory since we found out it was a boy.
Truman's middle name is Paul after my dad and Bodie's middle name is Robert after Gregg's dad.  We also highly considered Quinn for a middle name after my maiden name.  Gregg had a hard time naming a son after him, but final agreed to it - I love it.
The name Pete was probably number one on our list almost the entire time I was pregnant, we just had to make sure it was right!
Everyone at the hospital has been commenting on how much light hair he has.  Apparently it's rare to see babies with this much light hair.  
Flowers from my family.
Naps with dad.
When you have your third boy there is no other option but to go with blue toe nail polish at your pedicure.  Although when I asked Truman why I had my toe nails painted blue he said it was because we like BYU - that works too.
{my right foot looks incredible swollen compared to my left - weird}
Pete peacefully sleeping before his "little boy surgery" poor guy does not know what is coming.
Surgery time and yes, I watched, I have watched on all of them, have to make sure he does a good job.
Gregg rested/worked while we were away for the surgery ... he feel's bad for the little guy.
And finally, we get to go home!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Hospital.

The glorious in-the-hospital-bed picture, in labor, managing the pain!
This was at about 6 AM after being up all night with contractions.
My view of the monitors watching the babies heart rate and my contractions.
This was the iphone picture I took and sent my friend Katrina {who was pregnant with twin boys} so she knew I had gone to the hospital.  For the last week or so we have checked in with each other day and night anticipating the births of our boys.  She ended up having her twin boys 50 minutes after I had Pete.  We couldn't have planned it any better.
I love the cart the nurse anesthetist uses for epidurals.
Gregg watching the monitors all morning long.
After I was done holding Pete they immediately started cleaning him off and checking him out - I love Gregg's face.
6 pounds | 6 ounces
19 1/2 inches long
 Gregg went with Pete and the nurse while she gave him his first bath and cleaned him up.
Dr. Haderlie doing his first exam on Pete and Gregg changing the third poppy diaper in the first three hours of Pete's life.  Apparently his first poop was when he was being sponge bathed.

Gregg holding him all cleaned up for the first time.
 This was the first picture we sent out to family letting them know Pete had been born.

My sister immediately wanted to come meet Pete because she was leaving for Mexico the next day and wouldn't get to meet him until he was a few weeks old.

My mom couldn't wait to meet him and to bring the boys - so it was party in our room when everyone showed up!
Bodie and Truman meeting their brother for the first time.
I love that face!
Truman was a little more interested then Bodie.
Aunt Tiffany
Everyone trying to figure out who he looks like.
Anna had to fix his clothes so we could see his hands and toes!
The cute little things that kids care about.
 Truman insisted on counting all of Pete's fingers and toes - so cute.
"oh, so cute"
 Dallin took these pictures of me taking pictures from by hospital bed.

Uncle Dallin and Aunt Becca. 
The crazy new Simons crew of boys.
Truman wanted lots of 'snuggles' with me before he had to leave.

Later that night grandpa Bob came to visit, grandma is out of town.

Because we live so close to the hospital I sent Gregg home to sleep.  By the end of the day we still had not decided on a name, the following is a text back and forth between us.