Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tokyo Cousins.

Our cousins from Tokyo are here visiting and we are loving every minute of it - trying to pack everything in.
{Tagg - who is about 3 weeks older than Pete}
{Hazel - this was my first time meeting her}.
Me trying to convince Tagg that Aunt Millie's house is awesome.
Such a doll - I am loving getting to know Hazel.
Lots of outside play and walks with these kids.
Truman and Bodie are LOVING all the "fireworks" associated with the holidays in July.  We are living it up with little tank battles like this one on a daily bases.
Boy heaven.
We road grandma's Ranger over to watch the Heber Creeper get robbed by these cute robbers.
"want to be buddies?"
It was a hot day so after the Heber Creeper we stopped by Timp Freeze for ice cream.
Pete can have their DoleWhip - ya for Pete treats!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pete's new squeakers.

Pete is a wonderer - these shoes were the perfect solution!
I love them and I think he does too!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cousins and PJ's

When we bought our summer PJ's we picked some up for our cousin Tagg so we could be twiners.
Pete (2) - Truman (7) - Tagg (2) - Bodie (5)
Cute Tagg .. no smiles today.
Hazel (8 months).

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday shenanigans.

Nate and his family are visiting from Japan and we couldn't be more excited about it.
Tonight there where some shenanigans going on at Grandpa and Grandma Quinn's house.
Uncle Nate teaching my kids about the pulley, poor Norah.
At least there is a pillow there to catch her, ha!
And of course there are lots of games.
Trying out the pulley on Tagg.
And Truman.
The little boys went missing at one point -- we found them in the Lego room "playing"
We are so happy to finally get to spend some time with Tokyo Quinns.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wizard of Oz in Midway.

 We have a new family tradition of going to the Midway outdoor theater together in the summer.
 Tonight my parents treated us to "The Wizard of Oz"
We got cheap Chinese food and had a picnic before the play.
Nate and Lauren just arrived from Japan but unfortunately Aaron and Tiffany didn't quit make it back from Amsterdam in time. 
 Here comes the tornado!
 Pictured above is Bodie, Enoch and Truman watching very closely ... :)
 Glenda the good witch.  Se was on a hover board!
 Jean watching all the details very closely.
I thought they did such a great job and the weather was beautiful.

Norah and the Monkey.

 My mom gave Truman this monkey when he was a baby because she said the monkey's eyes reminded her of Truman's eyes.
Because Truman and Norah look SO much alike I think the same thing is true of Norah and the monkey's eyes'
She was happy to sit and watch me pick up toys today.

Friday, July 8, 2016


This is Pete's new look for the summer.
Today he got his cast.
So far he doesn't seem to mind.
Because his bone needed to be set just a little bit the doctor put one lay of the cast on then we went and had it x-rayed to make sure it looked good - once we saw the x-ray's he went ahead and finished casting it.

Pete was not a fan of getting the cast on.
Here doctor Haderlie is putting pressure on his arm to place the bone - so painful and so sad.
As you can see I made Gregg do the dirty work of holding Pete down.
Now that we are home and Pete has rested he doesn't seem to mind.
On the left is Bodie getting his left arm cast at age two (2013) and on the right is Pete getting his right arm cast at age two (2016).
To cope with our emotions {sad for Pete and for our summer plans} Gregg and I put the kids to bed early {for a Friday night} and ordered pizza for ourselves - we had it in bed while watching a movie.  It's become our way of having "date night" while we have young kids.