Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Easter.  The bunny came last night {thanks to uncle Dallin and his friend Sarah}
Egg finding mad dash.
The loot.
The ultimate treasure was these baskets from Grandpa and Grandma Simons.
Thank you!
* Just a random thought ... Dallin bathed and put the kids to bed last night because Gregg and I were out on a date.  I am not sure what happened during the night but I find it interesting that Bodie woke up with Truman's PJ top on - or, since Bodie is missing his pants maybe Truman stole Bodies pants ... not sure what happened or if any tears were shed over it but I do find it interesting!!!

Happy Easter from the goofy brothers.

 I wish Bodie didn't look like such a doofus in this picture because I think it is darling of Truman and Gregg - this picture will come back to haunt Bodie I am sure.
Our attempt at a family picture.

Of course at church today the boys both had Easter lessons, Bodie is obsessed with the "cave" and the "hole" and putting Jesus in and out of the hole.  The nursery leaders actually had to make him two sets of pictures, one that was cut out and one that was not - upon his request.  Here he is showing grandma Quinn what he learned.
Truman told me that the cave Jesus was in was a lot like the one that Daniel was in with the lions - interesting connection!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Camping: Day Two.

The boys did awesome in the tent last night - they fell right to sleep and slept all night.  I am pretty sure Gregg and I slept the worst out of everyone; Gregg was too cold.  In the morning Truman and Bodie crawled over to our side of the tent and got into bed with us for a morning snuggle {"nuggle" as Bodie would say}.
Our trusty tent that we received as a wedding gift {8 years ago} broke last year at the end of the season so we decided to upgrade to an 8-man tent; you can never have enough room, right?!  We will grow into!
So, this is our new "army" tent {Trumans name for it because it is green} and we loved it.  It fits three {3} queen mattresses and was easy to put up - that was the number one thing I looked for, something easy to put up.
Bodie heading out for some morning exploring with his head lamp - even though its morning and the sun is up!  
Anna insisted on coming over to our tent once she hear Bodie awake so Grandpa brought her over.
I love this picture!
I trucked over to the Hopkinsons tent for a morning picture - I think this should be their Christmas card picture!!!  So cute!
Pretty soon the party was in our tent, in our bed!
Quinn, Anna, Gregg, Jean, Bodie and Truman
Breakfast birthday candles for the birthday girl even though her birthday was yesterday!  Like I said, we celebrated all week!
The car, so organized.
It is kind of funny that I took this picture, you will see why - keep reading!
Birthday girl ready for the day with her birthday crown that Grandma Quinn made.
Climbing trees with his cousins.
So our first adventure of the day was to find the Dugway geode beds.  We found a place that looked like people had been digging so we set up camp and started digging.
Quinn was very creative with her geode!
We had a little picnic lunch while the kids did a scavenger hunt the Easter Bunny had left!
We were in charge of bringing veggies for the lunch so I picked up this edamame hummus at Costco and it was good!  Just wanted to share that!
Cousins, enjoying being together.
Digging for geodes.
More uses for the geodes.
We decided to go exploring some more so we loaded everyone into the car to go further down the dirt road.  We had been in the car less then a minute and this is what our kids looked like!

This picture does not do justice to how cool the geodes were - and if you get to the right location then we don't even really have to dig for them, they are everywhere.

Next on our list was some exploring at Topaz Mountain but then this happened.
A flat tire in the middle of nowhere but thanks to my dad, Gregg and Dallin it was fixed in record time.
All our stuff that was so nicely organized sitting on the side of the road!  We didn't even pull over, we just stopped in the middle of the road to change the tire - that how desolate it was!
So when we got back to civilization and I saw the packing job Gregg and Dallin had done I kind of had to laugh, everything just thrown in from the side of the road.

We never made it to Topaz Mountain because of the flat tire!  We had to be home by 6 for a dinner and volleyball game date with some friends and because we could only drive 50 miles per hour on our spare it took us a long time to get home.  I don't think any of us minded the slow ride back, we avoided I-15 because we had to drive so slow and instead took all the back country roads and were totally entertained by it!  The kids slept and I listened to my book.