Saturday, December 31, 2016


I started out the month having lunch with these lovely ladies who I went to Park City High School with.  It was Jessica's birthday.
Kelly {Taggart} Brown, Jessica {Rockwood} Silva, Katie Beer, Brady {Daily) Chevez
I love, love, love scenes like this.
Cousins playing together by the fire.
Quinn, Anna, Enoch, Truman and Bodie.
We had Quinn, Anna and Enoch over for a few nights.
I finally organized Norah and Pete's clothes and moved them upstairs.
The beautiful and amazing Midway creche exhibit.
The one is entirely edible!
Outdoor live nativity.
Best Christmas picture EVER!
This was the indoor nativity.
Grandpa and Truman doing the BYU puzzle for zillionth time.
Truman signing Christmas cards during the Christmas Devotional.
Watching the Christmas devotional with my parents, McKay and Rachel.
Our cute little holly jolly girl.
Rachel was having so much fun throwing Norah in the air until Norah barfed on her :)
To die for.
So cute.
Truman had done this puzzle so many times that he now has an order that he does it in.
New ski's for the new ski season - we got Pete ski's this year!!!
Norah swallowed her hair clip {on Gregg's watch} and pooped it out two days later.
So bad!  But I am SO glad she is okay.
We borrowed the Utah puzzle from the Fife's to do over the holidays.
Truman won the Reflections Piano Composition for his school.

I hosted a simple baby shower lunch at my house for a dear friend who is was having her 6th.
Gregg and I trying out a Christmas gift we were going to give the kids late one night!  We discovered it had a broken part so we ended up returning it.
My favorite scripture is THIS book of scriptures, The Book of Momron.
Feed the hungry.
I made a few small boxes like this full of food that we delivered to people on the streets begging for food.
Our other 'feed the hungry' was to feed Grandpa Bob while grandma was out of town :)
Ahhh .... that is a lot of snow for a lot of days.
Friend gifts for Christmas.
Always doing puzzles.
After everyone is sick I always round up all the toothbrushes and send them through the dishwasher.
It makes me feel better about the germ situation.
I also wash all the bath toys every month or so.
Happy little girl all bundled up sitting in the back of the car watching my shovel the driveway.
For Pete.
We gave both of our parents "best of 2016" picture books.
The books were both a little different, highlighting each family.
I kids chose a page to sign.
Crazy hair.
Still crazy but tamed down for a night out.
We went on a super last minute date to the MoTab Christmas concert with friends - sometimes last minute plans turn out to be the best.
Friends from Gregg's mission who invited us to the concert.
We had fun making future plans for some travel together.
Ski day.
After a couple of runs on the bunny hill Pete was ready for the chair lift.
Baked swiss and ham sliders for dinner to warm us up on old nights.
Our friends the Phillips came to caroling to us one night - our kids were all already asleep so they whisper sang!  So cute.
I took some pictures for these friends.
They had this idea for a family photo contest.
So funny.
The kids in their Sunday Christmas best.
I love watching my kids play with the nativity.
Pete always insisted on putting baby Jesus on top.
I totally get it.
One of my best friends growing up Jessica Rockwood posted this picture collage on Facebook on my birthday - so many great memories.
Norah enjoying herself at Ikea.
Gregg and I went out on my birthday for an afternoon of Christmas shopping - we brought the kids Krispy Kreme donuts back instead of birthday cake.
Truman and Bodie just finished a few weeks of chess club at school so they have been playing chess with anyone they can.  I learned my mom loves to play chess - he gave her a run for her money!
Grandpa giving advise so grandma doesn't loose to a 5 year-old.
We weren't able to attend the ward Christmas party this year but I went over to give my friend some moral support.  She did such a good job decorating.
Simple and classy.
Gregg liked the crazy hair from earlier in the month so much that he asked me if I would do it that way again for his work party.  Kind of funny that he had an opinion - I was happy to try it again.
BH work party.
Crazy kids.
It was raining like crazy all night up at Deer Valley.
I was happy the roads weren't bad but sad for the skiing {rain kills the snow}.
Tons and tons for rain in December, our snow is disappearing.
Late night visit to Circled Cookie.
Pete quickly wanted to go inside and help!
He can't have the cookies {food allergies} so we have the trailer stocked with Oreo's for Pete.
Nice sunglasses while driving.
Truman and McKay skiing.
I love when I get pictures texts like this.
Truman always asks for extra pickles on his hamburgers.
Another ski Saturday.
It was SO cold but the kids insisted on going skiing.
Bodie is my super causes skier.
Three boys in the shower and Norah in her chair eating! Ha.
Sunday night treats for a ward sing-a-long.
Cousins finally made it in town for the holidays.
They came with me to do the Kindergarten holiday party.

What dinner looks like when you are feeding LOTS of kids :)
ONE of TWO fridges at my parents stocked and ready for the masses.
Esther and Norah.
Let the holidays begin!!!!
Esther isn't to sure about all of us crazies.  She does LOVE blankets, especially this Christmas ones she found at grandma and she loves grandpa!
Addie had prepped stuff for all the kids to make little ginger bread houses - they turned out SO CUTE and Addie made the most amazing village with them all.  I am so, SO sad I didn't get a picture of the village - I'm not sure anyone did.
Ice skating.
Pete graduated from Sound Beginnings, White Horses.
Back to the school to do a holiday craft with the second graders.
I totally over estimated my time/ability with this sewing craft.  They loved it, but didn't have nearly enough time to do it.
Eliot loves hanging out with his big cousins.
 Bodie's gift to friends.
Chocolate carmel covered pretzels for my friends.
Love my UPS man :)
I left him a drink too.

My parents cute house with Christmas lights.
My parents treated us all to the production of Annie.
So cute.
Norah's big bonker - it's amazing any kids make it to adulthood.
More cousins.
Norah, Esther, Valley.
Cousin ski day.
My grandpa Arave turned 80 so we threw him a big birthday party.
I sent this picture to my girlfriend who has a baby the same age as Norah - we are always nursing together at church and talking about how me need to give our mother's lounge a make-over or at least get a full length mirror.  My parents nursing lounge is amazing.
Christmas morning joy.
Dad's and kids at the pool.
Nate, Tagg, Bodie, Eliot, Pete, Gregg, Ira, Esther and Ant.
Truman on the high-dive.
Norah's 9 month check up.
My dad made this card at a Stampin' up board meeting.
I told him to write a note to his mom and I would send it for him.
So cute.
Sharon and Anthony brought the stomach bug with them when they came for the holiday's and it slowly moved through each family.
Truman and Bodie sleeping in my bed, sick.
Tagg and Nate sick.
Pete sick.
Becca asked me to cut and thin her hair.
She had some cheerios hiding in there :)
I never got an after picture but I thought it turned out so good.
Trying to stay up for the New Year's celebrations.
Good Bye 2016,
Hello 2017!!!