Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Arizona.

Time for the Christmas weekend update!  We went to my sisters house in Flagstaff, Arizona for Christmas.  My parents were also there along with my brothers Nathan and Mckay.

Here is the weekend update, in pictures!

(I got an external flash for my camera and Photoshop for my birthday, but I still need to learn how to use them!)

Truman eating gifts.

Uncle Nate and Truman hanging out.  Nate has a talent for getting the little kids to sleep.  Two weeks ago at church he rocked Truman to sleep and this last weekend he rocked Jean to sleep at church.  Way to go Nate!
{ps - I love the festive pants}

Caught sleeping!

Grandma playing the piano while we sang Christmas songs.
{Tiffany, Quinn and Addie}

Christmas Eve Dinner
{Aaron, Jean, Quinn, Addie, Nathan, Grandpa, Grandma, Enoch, McKay, Gregg, Camille, Truman, and a lady for Hopkinson's ward that joined us}

Hopkinson family tradition | we all crossed our hands and pulled our party favors.

Truman's party crown.

Tiffany had prepared scriptures about the Christmas story.  We each took turns reading our part and lighting a candle by our character.
{wise man pictured}

The tree.

A sticky note prepared by Addie that hung in the kitchen to remind us what day to celebrate!

Another Hopkinson Family tradition | Movie Night on Christmas Eve.
We opened a package of popcorn and treats along with a movie, The Muppets Christmas.

After the movie it was time to put out treats for Santa and the reindeer before going to bed!

Sprinkling food for the reindeer.

Oh wait, we had to do a Quinn Family Christmas tradition and open a Christmas present on Christmas eve!

Once the kids {and Grandma} were asleep the elves got to work.
{Grandpa elf wrapping Grandmas gift}


wow! That is alot of stuff..

What is a trip to Flagstaff without some Blue Bell Ice Cream - McKay's favorite midnight snack.
{does anyone know where or if you can buy this ice cream in Utah?}

Christmas morning highlight was talking to Elder Dallin Quinn {check out his blog}.
Quick update on Dallin...he sounded really good.  He has been out about one year and is training his second greenie.  The work is slow and hard {and its cold} but Dallin is in good spirits.  He wanted to know a little bit about home and what everyone was doing.  He told us about his companions, the misson, his investigators and about a recent visit from the Mission President {who did morning studies with him and his companion}.  He got a emotional at the end of our conversation - we love him!

Addie and her new doll.

Quinn got a bunch of baking stuff - there was no where for her to set up her baking stuff, except the bathroom...

Truman and Nate playing cards
{there was lots of night time card playing!}

Truman in his own hotel bed - he slept like a champ!

yummy.  Need I say more?
{Quinn was ALWAYS baking something.  We had cornbread with iceing and sprinkles, banana cream pie and brownies!}

Addie and I made food for her doll out of clay and then baked it {it wasn't too long ago that I was making doll food for my doll}.

Tiff and Aaron showing off some swing dancing skills...

McKay got bowling shoes for Christmas and Addies doll got a bowling outfit so we decided to go bowling!  We learned that Addie is a really good bowler!

Gregg and Truman bowling...looks a little scary to me.

Addie and her doll in their bowling outfits.

Nate showing off his skills.

Enoch showing off his skills {and his diaper}.

Enoch would bowl and then run to the end and sit like this and watch his ball slowly make its way down the alley.

Addie's mad skills {she beat her mom and grandma}.

Gregg, Aaron, McKay, Addie, Nate, Dad, Truman, Mom, Tiffany and Jean.

What a great weekend, and  great memories.  I need to work on my photography skills, or lack of {and figure out the flash and photoshop}  Here is to a new year of better photos.

Thank you Aaron and Tiffany for hosting everybody.
{and thank you everybody for taking the time to look at all the pictures!}

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I give up.  I tried so hard to get a cute picture of Truman by the tree {our friends tree} in his Christmas 'outfit'

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas.

The Quinn Cousins
{Quinn, Jean, Enoch, Truman and Addie}

The Quinn Family 2009
{McKay, Nathan, Gregg, Camille, Enoch, Tiffany, Aaron, Sharon, Anthony, Truman, Paul, Quinn, Addie, Valine, Jean}

Monday, December 21, 2009

Interior Design.

(Master Bedroom)

(looking from the Master Bathroom into the Master Bedroom)

I am not done with my two Interior Design jobs, but my clients are both in town and staying in their respective units.  I will have some professional pictures taken soon and post them.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Truman is getting his first two {bottom} teeth right now.  They are growing in at exactly the same time.