Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

May little things ... mostly from my cell phone.
This is what Truman's Spanish words look like every week.
We write Truman's Spanish words up like this and work on them all week.  By the end of the week he has to be able to spell them and know what they mean.
One Saturday before McKay came home from his mission Genevieve came up to our house and spent the afternoon hanging out with me and chatting!  It was really fun.
My brother-in-law Eric was in town and helped me add some RAM to my computer!  Thank you Eric!!!
I was the 'cool' mom one day at the bus stop when I showed up with my mom's Razor.  I took all the kids for a little ride around the block and then home.
{back: Dash and Luke G., front; Joey and Truman}
Pete loves the water.
That second tooth held on forever!
Pete loves being outside.  Zipping him inside the tramp to play this summer might be a life saver.
Watching Dad mow the lawn.
What a beautiful Midway evening.
One morning Pete crawled into bed with us and then fell back asleep on me, he is such a snuggler.
Flower for the garden!  This was one of my Mother's Day trips to the nursery.
I am only slightly jealous to see my parents in Hawaii!!!
Another Mother's Day trip to the nursery for me!
I filled the car with as many bushes and rose plants as I could.

One day after Truman had worked on his lego for quit some time he accidentally dropped it down the stairs when he was putting it way.  He burst into tears, it was so sad.
I felt so bad for him ... but I still stopped to take a pictures {which only added to his frustration}
 This winter I worked on a remodel here in Midway.  The inside of the house {on the main level} was taken down to two-by-fours, we took out walls, the office and completely rearranged the kitchen.
I wish I would have thought to take before pictures.  It turned out so nice, we really opened up the floor plan and added tons of light to the house.  It was a really fun projects, and great clients.
I took this picture to show Gregg the wood floors.  I had them laid on a diagonal instead of vertical or horizontal and it turned out so good.  The table you can see was also a built in - kind of like a big island.
Happy little eater.
More kitchen sink rinse-offs after dinner.
Afternoon church is so exhausting.
One of our Sunday afternoon walks we ran into our friends.  These two boys are a few weeks apart.  They had fun crawling around while their older siblings played at the park.
Bodie misses Truman so much when he is at school.  This day he rode his bike on the front driveway all morning waiting for Truman.  Here he is taking a break up on the dirt hill where he can hear the bus coming.
A beautiful Midway afternoon in May.
We went to the Wasatch State Park to watch the fish pond get stocked.

One night after the kids were in bed I found Gregg making legos in our room - we know who really loves the legos!
Bodie up bright and early and already to ride his bike.
One last letter from McKay we got about two weeks before he came home!
Pete's bloated belly.
We spent ALOT of time at the dentist this month getting everyones cavities filled :/
Bodie loves corn.
Pete loves riding on my back for bike rides.
Rain or shine May was all about Bodie riding his bike EVERYWHERE!
PJ day at school.
A really pretty morning with low clouds after riding with Truman to the bus stop.
Our first summer bike ride to the dairy for ice cream and donuts.
Truman {Pete on by back}, Bodie and Luke W.
More bike rides with Pete and the boys ... Pete loves it!
Hat day at school and Truman chose to wear his cowboy hat ... I guess it's fitting since he is a Midway 'wrangler' after all.
He got this "Wrangler Gram" in the mail from the principle saying that his teachers has turned him in for doing something nice at school - he got to take it to the office for a prize!  It sure made his day.
MORE bike rides!
{Dallin saw us and took this picture}
Flowers for a friend who's stepdad passed away.
Card for that same friend.
It was poster making month!
We were invited by the most talented neighbor to her home art studio for a summer art class.  Look how adorable this invitation is!!!
My little garden helpers - they found all the worms while I tried to prep the garden beds.
I guess I won't be needing this alarm on my phone anymore!

Let the summer begin!