Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oregon Coast: the dunes.

 This is the Shank's camp set up.  They are legit!  Abe was SO kind to bring so many ATV's to share.  He had sand tires on them and flags and he had sent everyone a link to get their riding permit for Oregon.  He really took care of us and made the trip easy on our part.
Those back tires are the special sand tires.
Crew was so kind to let Truman try his ATV out.
These video clips of Truman learning how to ride are pretty cute.

Little boy heaven!
 Pictures do not do justice to the amount of sand there was.  It was incredible.  You could see sand in every direction for miles, and it was beautiful.
 Abe convinced me to go on a little ride.  He wanted to take me up this huge sand hill but I was to scared so we drove on the hills for a bit and then he asked if he could take me a little way up the hill and I obliged.  I was taking a little video {above} of the adventure when he decided to go ALL the way up the hill.  There is no way in a picture of video to do justice to the mountain we went up - I was freaked out.  But just as Abe promised the view of the Pacific Ocean from the top was unbelievable {pictured below}.
 The only problem being at the top was then I had to get back down!  I think I was way more scared to go down then up. 
Here is a video of us going down, through the trees. 
 Back at camp the kids loved flying kites and playing in the sand.
When I asked Abe and Gregg to stand by each other for a picture, this is what I got.  I should have seen that coming, Abe is a complete goof.