Thursday, June 30, 2016

Arave Reunion: Thursday.

Arave Family Reunion 2016
We are ready to camp!
Midway, Utah.
This little girl is such a happy baby.
She watched all the commotion from setting up camp from her car chair.
Pete just discovered this new bike at grandmas house and he loves it.
Family :)
cute Anna.
Gregg told me he loves playing horse shoes because it reminds him of his grandpa.
The Hopkinson's showed up ready to play.
Check out all those bikes!
The inside was just as packed as the outside with toys - there are 7 kids in there somewhere.
Addie got festive with her brace's this week.
Isn't she darling?  This is my cousin Molly's baby girl Keagan.
Molly was also festive with her blue hair and red and white dress.
I love this holiday.
Nelson on a ride with grandma in her Ranger.
Nelson's shirt,
"It wasn't me"
I can't get enough of her.
Pete has recently discovered truck and dirt!
Little boy heaven.
Grandpa and Grandma Arave.
Abi Thomas.

She got this hurt butterfly and was so worried about it.
For the first night of the reunion Tiffany rallied the troops for some singing and a talent show.
First we all participated in the bells.
My super cute Bodie - can't get enough of him either.
Valley and grandma Quinn.
Crew and Sawyer Shank.
Enoch Hopkinson.
Alaura and her dad Jake Trent.
Tiff and her kids did a little singing talent.
Abi plated her music composition.
Truman also played his music composition.
Gregg and Pete.
Grandpa and Norah.
Nelson playing his ukulele.
Benson and April Trent.
He is the cutest little boy.
Lindsey Schank.
MacKenzie and her grandma Trent.
Bodie ran around like this playing "army" all afternoon.
"It wasn't me!"
Josh and Jake.
Tiff, Valley and Addie.
Everyone loves a ride on the ranger.
Dallin Trent, Addie, Valley, Nelson, Pete and Grandma.
I quickly snapped this awful picture on my phone - its of the older Hopkinson kids all asleep in the tree.

Great first day setting up camp and having a family talent show.