Monday, October 31, 2016


Soccer is in full swing.
I caught Pete at a game sitting at the end of the field picking his toes!
Pete adores his dad which makes it hard for Gregg to coach soccer games.
Sitting on the soccer bench just wanting to be like the big kids.
I was SO frustrated at this particular game.  Our kids have played so hard this fall and haven't won a single game - how is it possible that this kid Truman is playing against is 7 years old??  
Late night conference cinnamon roll prep.
Bodie had a special weekend at Hopkinson's with his cousins.  When I texted Tiffany to check in on Bodie she sent me this picture with the caption "all is well"
We spent conference weekend with the Hopkinson's.  Tiff and Aaron were knee deep in the process of making homemade grape juicee.
A serious labor of love.
I provided the cinnamon rolls.
Christmas idea!
Poor Bodie has had so much work done on his front teeth.  Today included some laughing gas.
After school snuggles.
Loving it.
The kids are loving my purple Halloween lights!
Dance party in mom and dad's bed.
McKay and Rachel came to stay with the kids for the night.
Gregg totally surprised me with dinner in Park City at Baja Cantina {which I hadn't been to in forever}
AND ... a night in Park City at the new Parkie.
Total surprise - he had worked out all the details of the kids and our other responsibilities.
We both liked the fireplace in the Master.
Master bath.
Although Gregg and I both love the modern minimalist style that is so "current" we felt like this new building was missing some 'warmth' and 'homey' feeling.
{we were being very critical since its a new building and such a new style}.
Guest Master. 
HAD to take this picture of the white canvas on the wall to show my family since I have a huge white canvas over our fireplace trying to decided on what I want to put on it - I am ahead of the times!!!
The view of Main Street from our unit.
The crazy thing about this night away and the Parkite is that it is build on the EXACT location on Main Street that was once the Mrs. Fields Main Street Mall where my dad's office was when I was a kid growing up in PC.  The EXACT location of my dad's office!!!  So random - and the really crazy thing is when we drove into the parking garage and through the underground tunnel it had the same smell it did 20+ years ago from my childhood.  I had to call my dad and tell him about it.
Master bedroom door didn't have a lock on it ...
Didn't like the view from the hallway.
Liked this accent wall.
{Thanks McKay and Rachel for making our night way possible}.
Back to reality ... these two LOVE each other!  Pete always holds her hand in the car.
Love when Dallin comes to visit.  And Dallin loves Norah.
Two friends and I were in charge of feeding all of our Elementary school teachers during Parent Teacher Conferences.  It was a lot of work {and we are doing it three different times during the year} but also a lot of fun. 
The first day we served Hawaiian Haystacks.
Bags of Mrs. Call's caramel chocolate's as dessert and "thanks"
And the drinks.
Came home one night to this {Gregg want asleep - just closed his eyes when my phone flashed}.
She is too cute!!!
And she is SO loved.  Love that her brother's are always protecting her.
Totally nasty but totally worth it - you can suck the boogers out of your child's nose.
Second day of dinner at the Elementary school.  That salad looks amazing.
Apparently the teachers love these chocolate browny bars.
Creamy south west chicken soup.
Dinner is served.
The hair!
Walk to school {or bike to school} day.
Love that our school does this and love that the kids get to meet the cops.
Just reminding myself that I love having a 2-year old in my toothbrush drawer.
Dallin with Norah and our cousins Gwen Faulkner.
Love my brothers and love when they visit me.
Naked Pete straight out of the shower and into Norah's basket.
Thanks Pete.
Great new car parking spots.
Pete loves cars more than the other boys ever did.
And he loves his Chatbooks.
One Sunday Norah's friend Blake {who is three weeks younger than her} spit up all over her at church.  Being the prepared mom that I am I didn't have anything to changer her into but she didn't seem to mind be naked.
I know its rough sometimes Pete.
Bodie got the most amazing gift from my aunt Ilene ... she made a beautiful Halloween quilt and when Bodie saw it he commented that he thought it was so beautiful.  She decided to send it to Bodie because she knew he would love and appreciate it.  Halloween is his favorite holiday.
Opening the gift.
Sweet sleeping Norah.
I LOVE this article from the New York Times -- I am always quoting it.
"The Stories That Bond Us"
Now that is a blow out  - this little girl has blow-out's more than any of our other kids combined.
Running a little loaf of banana pumpkin bread over to our neighbors.
I ate my fair share of Pizookie's this fall!
A trip to the pizookie trailer was a regular weekend outing for my mom and I {after I had the kids in bed}.
This night Truman and I went on a little date.
He wants a job working in the trailer.
You know Gregg is telling a good story when the hands come out ...
My first RS activity in my new calling.
I feel a little more confident now that I have held one event.
I demoed my super fancy bread stick's on skews.  A family favorite for sure.
Woman like to be together and talk ... and enjoy sisterhood.
We sampled 7+ new soup recipes.
And worked on one of seven quilts are our is making between now and the spring.
Good morning.
My favorite tree's in our neighborhood.
My morning workout buddies - we wore Norah out.
We love brussel sprouts at our house.
Truman especially loves them.
I met Tiff at Costco one morning.
Valley INSISTED on being in my cart with Norah and then she proceeded to steal Norah's giraffe binky.  A day after this Valley was diagnosed with Strep - I honestly prayed SO had that Norah wouldn't get it.
The kids at the bus stop love Pete and Norah.  Everyone always wants to say "hi"
Oh my goodness ... no words.
Stressed out Gregg during a late night BYU game.
Oh my - an escape.
One of these things is just not the same.
Last game of the season was a home game and ... WE WON!  We were over the moon.
Victory pictures.
Bodie wore his soccer PJ's and BYU football gear to celebrate BYU's big win the night before.
Pete is getting in on the BYU excitement too.
Making chocolate candy corn popcorn to put in Bodie's Halloween party invites.
Headed to the adult session of stake conference {and trying to get the confidence to wear this bold skirt}.
Mom pampering before we got out of town.
These cuties.
Pete had what we assumed was a clogged tear duck for over a week.  I wanted to pick at that thing so bad!
Sunday evening walk.
Road Trip
{I will do another post about this really soon}
After a week long family get away we had to jump back into our school schedule quickly - before we even went back to school I had to make these posters for both boys' classes.
I got to go in Monday to both boys' classroom's and explain red ribbon week and lead the pledge to be drug free.
I love seeing the kids art work hanging in the halls when I am in the school.
Bodie had his epic yearly Halloween party.
Some of his cute friends.
One of my friends stayed with her kids to help me with the party.
Pete loved having a friend to play with.
Red Ribbon Week wear red day ... my kids were NOT happy about that.  Why not wear blue?
Upside down "U" :)
Pete if finally tall enough for the strider bike.  Ya!
Red ribbon week - crazy hair day.
Pete's cute Sound Beginnings friends.
Norah turned 7 months old.
Time. slow. down.
Pete pretty much insisted on having the black paint {in our temp tattoo's} under his eyes ALL MONTH LONG which were part of his Halloween constume.
Late night drive home from cousins.
The weather has been undeliverable.  We were invited to Red Ledges to try out their new 'family friendly' 9-hole golf course.  Amazing and so much fun.
Wonder dad!
Balls, racquets, sippy cups, golf clubs and baby in the baby carriage.
He's got the moves.
A lesson from dad.
Go Bodie!!!

And Pete needs a turn.
You go Pete.
The real pro.
This picture looks like a dream ... our day and our experience WAS a dream.  The course is designed for exactly THIS! Gregg and Truman were serious about playing golf.  Pete and Bodie enjoyed driving car's in the sand pits and kicking the soccer ball down the greens and Norah was just along for the ride.  Kudos Red Ledges.
It's fall y'all!
Bodie has been asking for a long time if he can take pictures with my nice camera - everytime I get it out he wants a turn.  I got him all set up and he took the picture above.  Thanks Bodie.

Love Enoch's Halloween costume.
Family Home Evening carving pumpkin's we grew in our garden.
Truman went with the family Halloween theme this year ...
Rach and McKay joined us.
Pete giving grandma a back message.
And loves.
Two ice packs!
Gregg has gotten very serious about his pumpkin carving, he waited until the kids went to bed to carve his pumpkin.  Hilarious.
The kids got to wear their costumes to school.
Sending my little football players off to school.
I was in charge of the kindergarten party in the morning.  Those kids are so cute.
Cookie decorating.
Halloween Bingo.
And everyone's favorite witches brew.
I went back to the school just after lunch to do the second grade party.  I noticed Truman wasn't acting himself so once I got the party going I pulled him aside to talk.  Some of the kids had mentioned to me that he had been hit hard at recess {playing football} and that he had seen the school nurse.  After talking to Truman for a minute I realized he wasn't okay.  I had his teacher come talk to him because he was having a hard time remembering what had happened during the day {he didn't know why he was in his football costume and he didn't know why I was at the school - he couldn't remember what he had for lunch or remember going to the school nurse}.

So ... stress started to set in - I literally had one hand in the classroom doing rotations and keeping a party for 54 kids going and the other hand out the door with Truman, his teachers, the school nurse and our doctor on the phone.  As soon as the party wrapped up we rushed over to see Dr. Haderlie who after a thorough examination determined that Truman suffered a mild concussion.

The picture above was taken when we all finally made it home that afternoon.  Lots of rest for Truman for the next week and no Halloween festivities.  You literally need to rest your brain and head when you have a concussion.
Our loot for the night.
Our neighborhood HOA sponsors a pizza dinner at the club house before we all go out trick-or-treating.  This costume takes the cake!  {she is also our ward YM president}  Amazing.  She is a trophy wife and her husband walked around with a loaf of bread and a gold medal around his neck, bread winner.
We let Truman chose one house to trick-or-treat, he chose his friend Carter's house.
He was actually a really good sport about having to stay home and miss all the festivities.
And of course they wanted to see our neighbor across the street who is a huge Utah fan.
Pete loved handing out the candy, I think it made him feel powerful.
Our doorstep
We loved having McKay with us.
My tired little BYU cheerleader.
My little football players.
He feels so big.
Cheering on her brothers.
Bodie doing the touch down dance.
Another successful Halloween full of memories.

Gregg and I enjoyed being the fans to our three football players and little cheerleader.
I am happy to report that Truman started acting more himself after a little pain medicine and an afternoon laying in bed.  He stayed home while Gregg and I took turns taking the other kids around the neighborhood.  Truman's darling friends took turns coming to see him and even share their candy with him.