Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Flashbacks.

Anthony Quinn | Age? Year?

With school starting I wanted to share this cute picture of my little brother Anthony.  My mom would have us stand on this bench in our mud room for our yearly "first day of school" picture.

Someone help me out with the year and his age.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We spend the last couple of days at my sisters house with her family.  Truman had been asking me for weeks if he could go to 'Jean's house'
Here we are at church with all 7 kids!  Tiffany leads the music so Aaron and I had to hold down the bench.
Enoch has this amazing talent of climbing the door casings.  He's pretty good at it.
Truman and Enoch were buddies this time.
Addie practicing piano before school - I remember the days!
Enoch made breakfast for everyone - pancakes.
What a cute kid.  He is the only boy in the family ...
Enjoying some fresh morning air.
And Bodie adores Addie - she is so patient with him.
Walking the kids to the school bus.
Jean getting a ride from Truman
Anna's hair is finally long enough for two pony-tails.  So cute!  Good thing Tiff {and her girls} let me do their hair!
Enoch was playing around with his backpack and this pole before his kindergarten bus came and he ended up tying himself to the pole - he had the most concerned look on his face when he realized he couldn't get himself undone.
Good bye hugs at the bus stop the last morning.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Book Club.

Book club was this morning.  Over the summer we read "The Poisnwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver.  It is story about a family who leaves the states in 1959 to go to Africa to the Belgian Congo on a mission.  The story is told from the perspective of the wife and four daughters of Nathan Price {who's wild idea it is to go on this mission}.  Each chapter is written from the perspective of one of the daughters or wife.  At our discussion Tara had each of us take a piece of paper with a word on it that described someone in the story.  The words were; smug, forgiving, accepting, cynical, materialistic, overwhelmed, fanatical, passive, gild-ridden, literal, abusive, observant, solitary, devoted.  It was a fun way to discuss the story and the different characters.
Thanks Tara for breakfast and the discussion.

Next we are listening to some episodes from "This American Life" via the internet.
I am excited for this!
Our Stake Presidency challenged each of us to read the Book of Mormon again starting in September and ending at the New Year.  Gregg and I decided to read it together, I am going to read it chronologically for myself, and we are also reading the children's version with Truman and Bodie {that is an adventure}.

We started a week early ... we figured we need any help we could get {and the first week is September is busy/crazy for us and we won't be together as a family}.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Flashbacks.

Gregg | 1982 | 4 years old

Gregg told me he loved doing puzzles that is why his mom took the picture.
I love his bead spread - we still have that blanket!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Quiet Time"

This is what "quiet time" looks like at our house every afternoon.  It used to be called "nap time" but we changed the name about two months ago - this is what happens 100% of the time during "quiet time"
Love it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Lorax.

We went to a work party tonight where Truman had his face painted like The Lorax.

Grandpa Simons thinks he looks like he got a pumpkin smashed in his face!
I think the clown was much better at painting animals, butterflies and super hero's - she had never seen the Lorax.
Cute Bodie.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cuberant Lake.

We hiked to Cuberant Lake in the Uinta's today with my parents.  
Next year Truman will be hiking, not riding.
Look at that view!
That is Bald Mountain in the background.
 First lake we came to with lots of lilies.
On the trail {taken with my mom's iphone} I carried Bodie who slept on the way in and on the way out {you can see his hands dangling by my side}.  Gregg carried Truman who slept on the way out.
 Sharing lunch with dad.
Throwing rocks into the lake was the main lunchtime entertainment for all the boys.
My dad skipping rocks.
Grandpa Quinn teaching Truman how to find flat rocks and skip them.
A series of pictures of Gregg's rock skipping across the lake.
 My mom liked Gregg's hiking shirt - actually, she had forgotten that she bought it for him years ago.