Sunday, November 30, 2014


A few odds and ends from November ...
We voted on November 4th.
I thought it was interesting that everyone voting at our polling location was on average 20 years old then me.  I think it is sad that our generation doesn't vote.  
We introduced Pete to fries at McDonalds!  It's never to early to start a love affair with McDonald's fries!!!
Truman would LIVE down in Grandma Quinn's lego room if we let him.  He begs to go to grandma Quinn's and as soon as we get there we don't see him until it's time to go.  He is working on putting all her lego's back together.  Every once in a while he will call for grandma over the intercom to help him find a missing piece.
Bodie loves popcorn.  One day when we were at my parents house he came running into the kitchen, found this set stool and was snitching in the popcorn.
Pete can sit up well enough now to sit in the front of the cart!
Like I have said many times before - we have a slight lego obsession going on in our house.
I think Bodie is wishing for summer!  He takes lots of "baths" in our master bathroom tub.
I have been working with some clients here in Midway on a big remodel.
This light switch hanging from the ceiling gives all new meaning to 'hanging pendant lights'
Sometimes I make a decent dinner.
Our famous homemade Margarita Pizza.
Bodie is ready to ski!
We FINALLY got a dining room table!! Still don't have chairs!
It only took us a year of looking to find what we wanted - but the wait was well worth it.  We love it!  It is a solid piece of walnut with uneven edges.  Smooth table tops are not "in style" right now but I still wanted to find a smooth top so that if we are sitting at the table we can write and do crafts and not have a rough surface.  It was hard to find something that was smooth and didn't have any cracks or crevices.
It's beginning to look like Christmas!
My parents invited the kids over to help decorate their tree - it's magical!
Pete's new favorite chew toy.
This cute girl Anna from our Sunday school class rocks Pete to sleep every Sunday for us.
She is a champ!
Gregg took me to opening night of Mockingjay.  It was a fun date night with all the other middle school kids in the Heber Valley!
The night before Thanksgiving I put the kids to bed {Gregg was sick in bed with strep} and met Tiff in Park City for some Christmas shopping.  We had a BLAST shopping for our kids together.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Hopkinson's came to spend the weekend in Midway.  We  all just hung out and enjoyed each other and the warm sun.
Anna played her violin for us.
Pete get's lots of loves from him older cousins.  Above Addie and below Jean.
Everytime Jean sees Pete she asks to hold him! I think its really cute of her.
Addie also got out her violin and played for us.
We got our own private concert!
Four generations!
Great grandma Arave, Grandma Quinn, Tiffany and three of her girls, Addie, Quinn and Anna.
Great grandma and grandpa Arave with our kids!
Cute little Pete with his great grandparents.
We started the holiday puzzle frenzy!!!
The men were determined to finish this one.
Aaron, Gregg, Dallin, Paul, Truman and Grandpa Arave.
Our Thankful tree is complete for the month.
Spending time with our family was a great way to finish off the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014.

Truman went straight from the Turkey trot to grandma's to help get Thanksgiving dinner ready.
His assignment was to do the olive and pickle platter.
{my mom texted me these picture}
I was assigned an appetizer.  Although it does not look very appetizing in the picture {yuck!} this is becoming a family tradition.  It's Brie en Croute and it is divine.
We are suppose to be in Denver for Thanksgiving but we didn't end up going.  The back up plan was to have homemade pizza's at our house {Gregg's request} but since he is sick in bed with strep we went to plan C.  We threw this Thanksgiving dinner together at my parents house.
Mom and Dad.
Shhh ... prayer time.
{I love Truman in the back sipping his hot cocoa}.
Brothers ... love.
and silly.
My brother Dallin set the table and he set me a purple place - so sweet of him!  It's my favorite color.
We had a great, supper relaxed Thanksgiving.
We have lots to be thankful for today and all year.

Turkey Trot.

We started our Thanksgiving day with a traditional turkey trot.
Every year the Midway Turkey trot proceeds go to someone in our community in need.  This year they are going to a lady in our ward who is battling cancer who's daughter is in Gregg and I's Sunday school class. 
My race buddies.
Bodie had the hardest time trying to decided if we wanted to bike or ride.  I finally convinced him to ride. 
Truman was so excited to ride his bike in a race!
And Pete is happy with anything!
The best part was the hot chocolate about half way through the race.  Truman sat his bike down right in the middle of the race course and proceeded to drink his hot chocolate while everyone went around him.
Bodie wanted to "run" part of the race.
Somebody's getting tired!
Thank you grandpa for the ride
{at this point Bodie had spilled his water bottle in the jogger and gotten himself all wet and was pretty mad about it.  Grandpa carried him the last mile}.
These two have a bond for sure.
Hot chocolate mustache.
Truman and I raced to the finish and then cheered on my parents, Bodie and Pete.
This is how Pete looked at the finish!
Thank you grandpa Quinn.
We did it.
I was proud of Truman for riding his bike.
The crew.
Good memories, now lets go eat!!!