Friday, August 8, 2014

Oregon Coast: the beach.

This morning Gregg and Bodie got up early and rode their bikes to the grocery store and bought food to make breakfast.  I woke up to the smell of bacon and this scene in the kitchen :)  I couldn't believe I didn't hear them get up, leave and then return.
 Sweet sleeping Pete with the crazy hair.
He is such a good baby.
{the lady we rented from brought us this pack-n-play when she saw we had a baby, so sweet}.
 Candy for breakfast is this guys mantra.
 Family breakfast.
After breakfast we were eager to meet up with the Schank's and head for the beach.
Umpqua Beach here we come!
 My aunt Ilene, Sawyer, Crew, Lindsey and Truman {Bodie, Pete and I drove the car with all the junk for the beach in it}.
 Is there anything better in the entire world then riding your bike to the beach?! :)
 Across the street the boys {Joel, Abe and Gregg} were riding the dunes.
 Truman and Ilene.
 And we had it to ourselves.
We didn't see one single person the entire time!
 Bodie was maxed out and threw the best tantrum about not liking the beach so as quickly as I could, I got him settled in the stroller with towels around him so he was warm and couldn't move, and within seconds he was asleep.
 Ilene and Linz.
 Crew and Sawyer.
 Linz found a perfect sand dollar.
 This was our little set up.
My uncle Joel holding Pete.
 He was so happy to be there.
A little lunch break.
Ilene sat and held Pete for well over an hour while he slept.
 The dads came over after riding ATV's for some lunch.
 Crew figuring out the dinosaur bones.
 Beach bum Sawyer.
 Bodie still sleeping in there!
 When Gregg was done riding it was time for some frisbee and soccer on the beach.
 Truman has been working on his "headers"
  {this picture kind-of makes me happy}
 There were a few close calls and mad dashes to save the ball from the ocean.
 Next we got out the bubbles which were a HUGE hit.
 All Truman and Crew wanted us to do was blow bubbles for them to chase.
 {this picture kind of makes me happy too}

 Joel was gone forever on a long bike ride down the coast looking for treasures.
 More bubble popping.
Best $.50 I have spent this year was on those bubble wands from Michael's.
Bodie was less then thrilled with the wind when he woke up from his nap {and that might be the under statement of the year!}
 Family photo on the beach ... minus Pete who was still happily sleeping so we didn't want to bug him.
 We might have been there on the windiest day of the year!  I'm not sure.  But it was W.I.N.D.Y. even for the Oregon coast.
 I look like I am about to blow away in this picture
 That is Bodie under those towels!
We made a little wind barricade for him and covered him all up.
 Crew and Lindsey found some crab legs on their walk and were excited to show Bodie.  He really wanted to find a crab.
 It was so picturesque.
Leaving our mark.
 Someday I need to make a foot collage of all the places I have taken pictures of me feet.  Kind of random but I have been doing it for years.
 The three bigger boys wanted to be buried in the sand so the dad's happily obliged.
 Sawyers face ... I am not sure if it is happy or sad in this picture!  Either way it's cute!
We left the kids behind and took a thirty second walk down the beach and back :)
{Thanks Linz for taking some pictures!}
Thank you Gregg for trying to throw me in the freezing cold water.
 We grew up going to the Oregon coast as cousins.  There are many, many, many photos of cousins on the beach so we decided to document us now as mom's at the beach together ... all grown up!
 I was feeling kind of short so Linz made me a mound to stand on and she dug a hole for herself to stand in!
 More kids being buried in the sand.
 The boys making plans for the next ride/adventure.
 Super cute Crew all ready to ride back to camp.
Thanks grandpa!
 It was a blustery and fun day at the beach!