Saturday, April 30, 2011


Where is spring?
My daffodils are confused.

Friday, April 29, 2011

womans conference.

I could not attend Womans Conference at BYU this year because I have a nursing baby but I was invited to meet up with my extended family for our traditional dinner at Los Hermanos.  Yummy.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter birthdays.

We have several birthdays in our family in the month of April so we decided to celebrate them all in conjunction with Easter {which happened to be McKay's sweet 16th Birthday}.

Bodie in his party hat.

I have lots of childhood memories associated with this bunny cake.  I think my mom made it often for Easter so I requested it this year for the birthdays.

Truman on the Easter egg hunt with golf club and ball in hand.
{he was not super interested in collecting eggs until will got inside and he discovered there was candy in them}

cute Jean super excited about her eggs.
and cute baby Anna.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

book review.

I just finished "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" which was recommended to me by my aunt Ilene.  It is a really cute, easy read {even though it is 500+ pages}.  It is a book and a picture book in one, alot of the story is told through pictures.  It is a book you could read with your young kids.  I beleive it is going to be made into a movie as well.

While I am writting reviews I am going to write about two other items I have been meaning to "review"

First - lots of my friends have been asking what jogger/stroller I finally decided on {see this post}.  After shopping all over Salt Lake and Provo and trying out every double stroller on my list I decided on the BOB Revolution.  Now that the weather has been a little bit nicer I have been out using it. I really like it.  It is light weight and really easy to push.  I pushed Turman and his couin Ira on two 4 mile walks the last two days and managed to keep up with my brother Anthony. A swivel front wheel is a must with a double stroller - the other feature that was a must have for me was an easy fold up stoller so I could easlity take it in the car places.  This BOB folds in half twice and easily fits in the back of my car.  The only two features I would have liked to have as well are a hand brake {for going down hill} and an ajustable handle bar for when Gregg push's it.

And finally, this.

For my birthday/Christmas I got this new 2011 Subaru Outback.  Gregg and I had been in the market for a new second car for a long time.  We could not agree on a car - we shopped and shopped and shopped trying to decided {and agree} on a good car for our family.  The criteria was a smaller car {then our trial blazer} that got good gas milage, fit the two car chairs, and was either all-wheel or 4-wheel drive.  We finally decided on the new Outback - it has the wider back seat {pefect for car chairs} and a big back {that fits all the stuff you need with a family of four - including the double stroller}.  There is plenty of leg room and the back seats recline {which acturally helps the big car chairs fit better}.  I am really happy with our decision and I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This morning Truman had his two year well child check up with Doctor Haderlie.  It was more of a well 'sick' child checkup.  It was a long night of the throw ups at our house.  Bummer way to spend your 2nd birthday.  As far as Truman's 'well child' check up everything looks good.  I had to laugh when the doctor asked if Truman could throw a ball {as part of his fine motor skills development} yep!  He can throw a ball just fine!

As for the sickness - just a bug.  Truman got a small shot of phenergan in his thigh to help him stop throwing up.  It worked - he slept ALL day.  He got up at about 12:30 for a small drink and again at 4:30 for a little pedialyte and some dry cereal.  He is back asleep again.  I had never heard of giving a child phenergan to help them stop throwing up.

25 pounds 6 ounces | 33 inches tall

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

happy 2nd birthday truman.

Today is Truman's 2nd birthday.  It stared out with some gift opening in bed.
Gregg asked Truman what he wanted for his birthday breakfast - he wanted waffles.
Truman wasn't to sure about candles in his breakfast.

 I had the perfect '2' picture in mind - but sometimes you don't always get the picture you hope for :)
We invited some friends and family over for a casual play date and lunch to celebrate Truman's birthday.  Unfortunately it snowed  so the play date happened in our great room.

Basketball, football, soccer and baseball candy Easter egg party favors.
That face - Gregg's child for sure!

Baby Anna
 There must be a story behind this!

 It was all fun and games until Truman threw up all over grandma Quinn.  He had showed no signs of being sick all morning.  He slept all afternoon and threw up about 8 more times before going to bed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

nate's wedding.

Nate and Laurens wedding was this weekend.  It was beautiful.
I will post more later.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

baby announcement.

baby announcements are in the mail.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

better things.

This video was done by some young men in our Stake {the Deer Creek ward}.  
They entered a contest on the church web site and were in the top five {5} - good video and great message and I wanted to share it.  We are showing it to our mutual group.  Pass it on.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Truman before heading off to church with dad today.
He is sporting the new "Mr. Rogers" sweater look.
{my brothers all enbraced the new style so when I saw this sweater I had to get it for Truman}.
Playing the piano...
And playing the iPad ... all before 9:00 AM church.
{he knows how to play angry birds on the iPad}

 Truman got into his church bag before church today...everyone in the family had stickers on their face before leaving for church.
Cute Bodie is getting so big and so alert.

Here is McKay in his Mr. Rogers sweater... I have a picture of Nate somewhere...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Our new family of four.
The transition from one kid to two kids has been great.
Bodie is a champ.  He slept 5 straight hours last night - can I get a repeat of that tonight, please!