Saturday, August 16, 2014

Father and Sons Campout.

Our ward held its first {we are a new ward} Father and Son's campout last night up Snake Creek canyon.  

It was heavenly to send Gregg and the boys out the door for the night!  I told Gregg that I had pumped and packed milk so Pete could go too!! :)  He didn't think my joke was very funny.
 As soon as the boys drove away I texted my friends, "ready!"
Us moms had made plans to go to dinner after our boys were gone.

Here is a picture of Pete and Ty in the back seat ready to go to dinner.
Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the ladies at dinner.
Last night I washed our sheets, ate vanilla ice cream, watched Jimmy Fallon and slept right smack in the middle of the bed!  Why is father and son's not at least once a month?!
 As Gregg and the boys were leaving I asked Gregg to take some pictures and send me.  This is the only one I got of the entire campout!!  I am not sure what Truman's pose is.
I snapped this picture when they got home, they had a great time.  The only story I got out of anyone was that there was no syrup for the pancake breakfast!