Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Afternoon FaceTime with Grandpa, Grandma and McKay who are in Australia.
We miss them.

Monday, April 29, 2013


After watching Truman on his new strider bike we wanted to get one for Bodie so they could ride together this summer.

This is him on his third day - he is learning to balance first.  I am totally in-love with these bikes and the concept.

He looks so grown up!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


For some reason my kids were so funny to me today -
I grabbed my iPhone more then once to document our day.
In church today Truman was hilarious sitting on the bench singing.  
When we got home from Church there was a box elder bug on the stairs that Gregg tried to grab and kill - Truman immediately put his hands around it {pictured above} and said, "No Dad, Heavenly Father made all the bugs and we have to love them, that is what I learned in Primary today."

I sent the above picture to his Primary teachers thanking them!

Its amazing he remembers what he learned in Primary today because apparently he fell asleep for 20 minutes of class.  Here he is telling us about it during Sunday dinner.
{one o'clock church I tell you - naps during class}
Next it was on to playing Dr. Truman and this time Dad was his victim patient.
It started out as a completely normal exam ...
... ears ...
{Truman always checks everyone for ingrown toenails since he recently had one}
a shot in the arm ...
And them came the 'checking of the reflexes'
{I don't know the name of that tool, a hammer?!}
Truman stood up and smacked Greggs knee as hard as he could - except he missed Greggs knee and now I am not sure if we will be having anymore children!!!

I don't know why this particular "check-up" that Dr. Truman did was so fun, but we were all rolling with tears coming out our eyes!

Thanks Truman for the Sunday afternoon comic relief.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Book Club.

Last night we had our monthly book club at my friend Karens house  We had a great Italian dinner to go along with our read, Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.

I have to admite I was excited when this book was introduced to me a month ago - part of the story takes place in Porto Vergogna, Italy which I have traveled to.  I started reading this book but was disappointed with the language, I kept reading until the book just became to raunchy for my taste {along with the bad language}.  I only ended up reading about 1/3 of the book before deciding I didn't want to continue.
So, that being said I don't really have a review, except that the language and content was too raunchy for me so I didn't finish it.

Next we are reading Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Field Trip.

Today Truman had a school field trip to the local dairy farm to see how ice-cream and cheese are made, the only problem is the school field trip was yesterday!

I felt like the worst mom ever when we showed up and realized we missed it - by a day.

Truman was a really good sport about it all, his first response was
"it's okay, we can do our own special field trip"

So we shared an ice-cream instead!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Skate Park.

After school we stopped by the skate park so the boys could practice riding their bikes, they were so cute zooming around.

I took a few little video clip so we can see the progress over the summer.
So happy to see some sun even if it still is a little cold.
Loving his new bike.

{I am glad he likes it - sometime you never know - he had never seen one or tried one before we gave him this one for his birthday}

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Score [x2]

#18 is Truman
I told him today if he scored a goal we would take him out to ice-cream after the game.
It must have worked, he scored two goals!
  Bodie is in heaven being outside kicking his ball around even if it is still a little chilly.
 He looks so grown up!
First. Goal. Ever.
{the picture above is the kick that went right in the goal}
He was so excited and I think a little socked!
He turned around a looked at me and did this!
Then he ran to Gregg {who is the coach of the team} and gave him a huge high-five!
I love his face in these pictures.

Second goal was right here, it just barely went between the flags {and the other coach on the field who is clearing standing in the way}!
 Corner kick.
Team cheer after the game!
The two twin girls on their team are out of town so these three boys played the entire game with no substitutes {again, for the second game}.   

 Bodies face is kind of funny in this picture - but he did a drop kick - seriously impressive for a two year old.
He was in his own little world playing with his ball the entire time. Every time I turned around to check on him this is what I saw.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Well child check-up.

This morning Truman had his four-year-old well-child check up.
He was so excited to go since his new found obsession is playing doctor at home.
 He measured in at
38 inches tall
32.8 pounds
Bodie was right there in the thick of the action.
It was kind of funny when Dr. Haderlie came in the room Bodie stood at his knee looking at him the entire time.  Dr. Haderlie would ask Truman a question, for example, "Truman can you count for me?" and Bodie would start right in "one, two, three, four ..."  Bodie was done counting to ten before Truman even got to four!

Then Dr. Haderlie asked Truman if he could sing his ABC's, again, Bodie had sung the entire song before Truman was half-way through.  It was pretty cute.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday celebrations.

Like I said, we celebrated all weekend!
I planted the idea of an angry birds birthday a few weeks ago, I needed a break from all the balls!
It stuck and Truman was so excited about an angry bird cake and party.
I did still use my round ball cake pan, but this time the decorating was completely outside my territory of cake decorating!  It was my first time using fondant and it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, I defiantly learned a few ticks for next time.
Tiffany called in the morning and said they wanted to come after church to celebrate - then she called back and said "we are coming right now so we can go to church with you."  Aaron is out of the country so it was fun that they came.  And it was super fun to have my sister at church with me.  Gregg chastised us for ditching Sunday School together and then questioned if we even went to Relief Society!  We did!

Enoch always does the best job wrapping presents.
The kids wrapped up all there old soccer gear and gave to Truman - he thought it was amazing - its hard to see his face in this picture but what you can see shows how excited he was.  Great gift - we are set on soccer gear for a few years.
The best part {and the part I will never let Tiff live down} was when Enoch discovered that one of the pairs of shoes still fit him and he asked for them back - he was happy to leave with soccer shoes on!  
I left out all my cake decorating supplies and put Addie to work making all the smaller angry birds for the cake.  She had a blast creating them and did an amazing job - it was the perfect finishing touch to the cake.

Addie created all the little guys by herself by just looking at pictures.

Eating all the little birds was a highlight for the kids.

Still celebrating!!!