Tuesday, February 28, 2017


February according to my iphone - here we go!
These two are something else.
I am trying to remember to take snap shots of some of their funny moments together, like this one, in Norah's bath tub which Pete insists on getting into with her.
Mom's and muffins at the elementary school bright and early one morning.
Poor Norah, she's always the target!
Pete and his hilarious swimming mask.
 Finally took the Christmas cards down.
I love this one of my good, good friend Tami and her family
I took their picture.
Also took this families picture really quick late one Sunday afternoon right as we were about to loose the evening sun.
Took these pictures for a new friend who moved into our neighborhood.
Love my kids hand writing.
On the left Bodie wrote ten words that start with "T" and on the right he had to write three sentences;

"[I] have blue eyes."
"I like to play football"
"I love mom"

I like this one for obvious reasons!
Every kids has to do it - put gum in their hair to see what happens.
I just ripped it right out.
Date night - quick bite at In-n-Out and then off to the late tip off game at BYU between Gonzaga.  It was a much anticipated sold-out game.
We got home to see our babysitter {grandpa Bob} sawing logs in our bed.
He is the best for watching our kids so late.
Gregg, Bodie, Enoch and Truman
Cousin ski day.
Enoch, Bodie, Aaron and Anna this time.
Bodie only wanted to ride up with uncle Aaron :)
I accidentally locked my keys and Pete in the car at the ski resort one day.   I called my sweet dad to go to our house to get me keys and come rescue me before I remembered we had OnStar we could call.  I quick call to them and they were able to remotely unlock my doors {technology is AMAZING} - my dad didn't end up needing to come rescue me.  When I got home a few hours later I found that he and Bodie had spent HOURS at our house chipping away the ice on our driveway.  I was moved to tears.  It had been such a bad day and I drove into see this cute scene.
Typical.  Pete feeling high and mighty - throwing stuff down to Norah ... our little dog.
Bodie worked on that ice for days.
Such a good little worker.
The big boys were NOT happy about us leaving them at home while we went to a BYU basketball game.  We had to hurry and get some tickets for them to go to another game.
It works out so perfectly with the ages/abilities of our kids (to ski) to meet up with the Hopkinson family at the resort.  Usually one or both of the dads ski with the older and middle age kids while the younger kids stay down lower on the mountain.  Once the middle age kids get tired we take a car load of them to Midway to play at grandma and grandpa's while the older kids and dad ski the rest of the day.

New favorite way to serve a snack to the kids after church on Sunday's.
New passports came in the mail :)
Pete sits in the tub and drinks freezing cold water!
New top teeth for the little lady.
And lots of snuggles because she doesn't feel well.
Truman got right to work on his Valentine box the day he got the assignment.
Oh, poor Norah.
How often do I say that?
She does not like being ridden by Pete.
Trying to get a tooth out.
The tooth fairy had to lay the smack-down after the kids started getting greedy about what they wanted.
I had a RS event I was incharge of on Gregg's birthday.  About 45 minutes before it was suppose to start the ladies who was going to host had to cancel on me.  Ahhh.  It ended up being at our house - I had to kick Gregg and the little kids out (on his own birthday) for a few hours.
I had never done a cookie exchange before, the ladies LOVEd it.
We wrapped up dozen's of plates of cookies and took to who ever we felt inspired to share them with.  It turned out to be a really great activity.
Here is a picture of the refugee's in Salt Lake that we helped collect diapers for.
Truman and Mrs. Maw at the Train Station for 2nd grade teacher night.
It is her first year teaching and we LOVE her.  His Spanish teacher wasn't there.
The next night Bodie and I had date night to support the kindergarten teachers.
Mrs. Seawright and Maestra Ibbara.
They picked Bodie up and swung him around when they saw him walk in the front door.
My uncle Joel playing basketball with Truman in the sports court.
Beautiful winter sunset.
This kid plays so hard until he drops in the afternoon.
We have spent a few Friday's at my sisters house.  The kids play and Tiff and i work.  i got all the ironing done and she deep cleaned her kitchen this day.
I have been trying to perfect a homemade chicken pot-pie.
This one turned out beautiful.
Smaller ones I kept in the fridge for Gregg to bake for himself on occasion.
And individual pot-pies for the kids.
It looked so good.
Pete has discovered the costumes.
So stinken cute.
Bodie got stuck in Provo with Hopkinson's when the canyon was closed because of a mud slide.  After about 12 hours of it being closed it re-opened and we were able to go get him.
He didn't mind being on campus without us.
Working hard on all his Valentines.
Truman's coming along.
Retirement is good!
My dad "babysat" Bodie one afternoon while I had an appointment to go to.
Movie and popcorn in bed sounds good to me.
Finally found some size 6 footed PJ's for this boy - he loves them.
Good look for her.
Little borther's cheering on big brothers during Jr. Jazz.  Clearly they cheer for different teams.
Little cars like this everywhere I look - all lined up.
My dad came over to my house one day for about 45 minutes to watch the two little sleeping ones while I was at music is Bodie.  When I got back he had done all my dishes ...
... and changed and folded all my laundry.
I need to get him to babysit more often!!
I couldn't believe he did this!  It put me about 2 hours ahead in my day...
... so I sat and snuggled Norah during naps.
Practicing spelling words.
Yummy salad in a jar from a friend.
Good food from the Hyatt hotel Gregg brought home one Saturday night - we warmed it all up and shared with family - it was delightful!
I thought I had the brilliant idea of meeting cousins on President's day to see a matinee showing of Moana.  Wrong!  Everyone else in Utah county had the same idea.
Shopping with my little girl.
Tiff bought her her first pair of red, glitter, high heal shoes.
One night I thought Pete had eaten an awful lot of pasta for dinner until I found this.
A hive on Pete's cheek from me kissing him after I ate something he was allergic to.
Sharing his popcorn with Norah.
More snow :(
Pete opening a birthday gift from grandpa and grandma Simons early because he needed it for school.
They even filled it with Oreos!!!
Headed off to his first day of school.
More teeth for this little cutie.
Four top ones all at the same time.
Invitation I made for a party my mom hosted.
Pete trying to get into a friends American doll jeep.
Birthday boy at school.
MC Hammer came on one of my Pandora stations in my car and it took me right back to my childhood days.  I blasted it and sang every word - my kids thought I was crazy.
I felt bad we couldn't see Moana over President's Day so I took the kid right after school one Friday afternoon.
We had a blast.
Oh Norah ... what am I going to do with that hair.
Just in the last few weeks Truman has turned into a book worm.  I love catching him reading everywhere.
Bodie practicing his writing.  This kept him busy during and entire sacrament meeting.
Homemade BBQ pulled pork pizza.
I found a gray hair in my head of hair :(
Getting older.
Four kids will do that to you.
Really dirty hair-do.
Pete was watching really closely as my dad built a fire one evening.
Love this hanging in the hall at school.
Some serious snow that fell in about 45 minutes while I was at my parents one morning.
And finally ... I am kind of getting sick of the cold and snow so this is a breath of fresh air.