Monday, November 28, 2011

Slideanide II

 McKay planking.
Me and McKay, "look mom, no hands"
 My brother Nate and his wife Lauren.
 my sister Tiffany and her husband Aaron.
 my brother Anthony - kissing a rock since his pregnant wife could not hike with us.
 I like this picture because Nate is trying to encourage his wife over the cliff!
You can read Nate and Laurens blog HERE and McKay's blog HERE about the trip.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Dad, Ant, Gregg, Me, Aaron, Tiff, Dallin, McKay, Lauren, Nate, David, Bryan {Lauren's little brother and Dad}.

What is a Quinn Family get together without a little adventure to Southern Utah?  We got up at 4:17 AM to head down to the red dirt to hike for the day.  We went canyoneering to the poison creek area and did Slideanide Canyon.
 We made "son of Paul" sweatshirt and surprised my dad with them {his name is Paul}.  This is all my sibling!  I can't believe we all made it {thanks to many babysitters} it was like the good old days!
Anthony, McKay, Tiff, Dallin, Me, Nate.
 Dallin planking.
 Gregg going off the first rappel which was 150 feet.  You can see McKay at the bottom.
The newly weds, Lauren and Nate.
 I like this picture because you can see how amazing the rock formations are.
{love his guy}
 Trying to shimmy around the first water hole.
You can really see how narrow the canyon is from this picture.
It was a tight fit!
 The second water hole was a bit more challenging.  The guys braced themselves against the canyon walls so us girls could use their feet as supports to make it across.  Unfortunately towards the end Dallin's foot slipped and he and I both fell in - it was COLD!  This picture is of Lauren going across - you can see this canyon was not kind to our clothes {don't worry those are thermals she is showing off not G's!}
This was right after the last big rappel before we started hiking out of the canyon.

We hiked pass this arch on the way out of the canyon and back to the cars.
We made it.  I think Gregg's clothes stayed the most intact out of anyone.  After I fell into the water Aaron cut off the bottom part of my big grey sweatpants and then tied the rest around my calves.  By the end of the hike my pants were shot and there were holes in my spandex underneath.
My dad's pants suffered the most damage!  Here is how the canyon was described in one of our canyoneering books.  "The canyon is hard on clothing and has a bed habit of 'showing a little cheek'."
The damage.
Thanks family for a great time
and a BIG thanks to my in-laws for watching our kids for 16 hours{starting at 4:30 in the morning}.

Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday.

So I talked my super cool brother Anthony {who is just younger then me} into going black Friday shopping with me- that was long before all the adds came out saying that stores were opening at 10:00 PM on Thursday night...he was a trooper and at 10:01 PM we headed out to see what it was all about.
We both DIED when we got to the "McDonald's intersection" in Park City and saw this line of cars.  We honestly didn't think that many people would be out shopping.  We were wrong.
Do my eyes look tired or what?  They hurt just looking at this photo.
It took us 30 minutes to drive about 2 miles to the outlets from the intersection of highway 224.  The entire time we were laughing about how crazy people are we were for doing this.  We had to park about a mile from the outlet malls and walk.  We shopped until about 1:00 AM {after a quick run over to Best Buy}.  We didn't buy a lot - the lines in the stores were crazy long and I didn't think the 'deals' were that great.
Every night this week the men have been going up to the St. Regis in Deer Valley to work out and then soak in the hot tubs.  I found these pictures on Gregg's cell phone so I thought I would embarrass them all and share!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today we got to celebrate Thanksgiving day with the Simons family.  
Truman was up early doing some pre-Thanksgiving dinner exercise!
{working off all the pie from grandma Quinns last night}
 We all met at Sundance resort for Thanksgiving dinner lunch.  It was really nice not to have to bake or clean up and of course the food was amazing.
 Family photo in front of the restaurant.
 The boys checking out the water around the resort.
We are very grateful for both of our families.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Quinn Family.  All six of my siblings and their families are here to celebrate.  A picture is worth 1,000 words so here is Thanksgiving at the Quinn home in pictures!
 Ira starting it off right with chocolate pie for breakfast!  Sharon has been trying to keep his sweets intake to a minimum but when she's not looking we have been sneaking his seconds ...
 {I think he looks just like my brother Ant did when he was this age}.
 Nate fulfilling his uncle responsibilities by changing poopy diapers on the kitchen table where thanksgiving dinner will soon be taking place!
 Truman headed outside to be with the big kids.
 My parents bought a piece of land in Midway {!} so the boys loaded up some wood to take over to store on the property {more on the property and their future plans later}!
 My grandpa Arave - always documenting everything - now you know where I got my love of taking pictures from.
 Uncle Ant spending some quality drawing time with Truman.
 Bodie and Anna playing while everyone else was busy cooking.
 Loves from dad.
 Tiff's amazing rolls.

 The table settings.

 Appetizers by me.  I made brie' en' croute.
 Dad carving the turkey.
Thanksgiving Dinner.
 After dinner we played a family version of minute-to-win it.
 Addie and Grandpa won.
 Then we went right into celebrating Christmas!
Phew.  What a day!
We have lots to be thankful for!