Saturday, May 31, 2014

May in review.

 Bills, bills and more bills for Pete.
I can not believe how many bills we have gotten from Pete's stay at Primary Children's plus all his follow-up visits at our doctor's office.  We got all seven of these bills in one day!
Grand total for Pete's 8 day stay at Primary Children's??!!  :)  Let's just say he has spent all his college and mission money and he is only 3 months old!
 He is SO worth it!!!  Sometimes I don't get much done in a day because all I want to do is snuggle him.  He feels so good in my arms!
 I love when the boys ask to hold Pete, there not like girls who want to "mother" him but they do like to get a snuggle every once-in-a-while.
Dad and Pete Sunday afternoon naps!
My sister-in-law Sharon pointed out that it looks like Pete is plugging his ears because of Gregg's snoring!
 Grandpa Quinn gave Truman some foam left over from building their house - Truman gathered up all sorts of 'treasures' from the construction site and made this boat.
 Me getting pulled over, again!  This time with my mother-in-law in the passenger seat.
Still no ticket ... I admit that I am a speeder and that I get pulled over quit frequently but still have not gotten a ticket.  
 Library time.  My kids love the library.
 Afternoon date to the Provo temple.
One morning we took the kids to the new aquarium.  They have been asking for weeks when it would open and when we could go.  We were disappointed that the big octopus was not there yet.
I am always trying out new braids on my nieces when I see them.  Addie let me do this braid-bun for her violin performance.  I really liked it.
 And more Truman and Pete time.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Our family all went to the dentist this morning.  Truman and I checked out perfectly ... Gregg and Bodie on the other hand ... they both get to go back for more work and to have 7 cavities filled between the two of them. Yikes.

I could not believe how still the boys were.
Apparently going to the dentist is tiring business.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Pete at three months.

Pete is three months old today.
He weighs 9 pounds 3 ounces.
He has the best hair ever, no matter what I do it sticks strait up!  Everywhere we go people comment on it.
He is still super small but growing!  He started smiling at two months and has only continued to smile more and more.  He is super mellow, getting toted around to all the older kids activities.  He has been consistently sleeping about 6-8 hours at night.
He has kind of messed up toes.
No smiles today because he got shots at the doctors office.
My aunt Joan made him this lemon hat that he wore in the hospital to keep all his cords straight.  It is so cute on him.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


We spoke in church today and I think we are both glad it is over.
It is not our forte.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The ER.

The ER should sell a punch pass ... something along the lines of 11 visits and your 12th visit is free!  We would totally buy a punch pass!
Last night Bodie came running into the kitchen saying something was in his nose.  He usually says something along those lines when he has a runny nose that he wants wiped so, I wiped his nose.  He insisted "it" was still in there so I had him blow thinking it was a booger.  
 Then the tears and drama started {so I grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures}.
He yelled, "there is an old maid in there!"
"WHAT?" I said, "an old maid ... as in a popcorn kernel?!"
"yesssss" he said through tears.
Sure enough, there was a huge popcorn kernel in his right nostril.  We had never experienced anything up the nose before so we called a friend in the neighborhood who is a doctor.  He told us it needed to come out in the next 24 hours so it wouldn't cause any infection.  He gave us some tips on how to get it out.
 For about two hours we tried EVERYTHING including anything I could find on google.  One suggestion our friend gave was to have Bodie close his mouth so we could blow through the other nostril and try and get the kernel to come flying out.  Surprisingly Bodie let us try it but it didn't work.

Another neighbor who has 4 boys {older then ours} got wind of what was going on and came over to help - she has lots of experience in these kinds of things!  She brought a huge syringe so we could try putting water up one nostril so it could flow out the other and hopefully send the kernel out.  We tried several times - it didn't work.

We called our friend back who is a doctor and told him we were having no luck.  He happened to be working the ER and told us to bring Bodie in - there wasn't much going on in the ER so they were able to see him quick.
 We thought for sure we were going to have to hold Bodie down while Dr. Tullis dug out the kernel but Bodie was a champ, he laid there completely still.
 And out it came.
It was huge and it was up there far!  There was no way we were going to get that thing out at home!
 We strapped Bodie into his car seat to head home and from the back seat he said, 
"I was so good - can we go get some fries?!"

Sure, why not!  So a little after 11 PM we went to the Wendy's drive-through.

Then he said, 
"How about a new family rule mom and dad, no food up your nose."

Good family rule Bodie!  You make us laugh.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Bodie's Graduation.

Bodie's school class had a little spring sing this week for graduation.
Ty, the little boy in the blue shirt to the right of Bodie was in our ward until just recently when our ward was rearranged, he and Bodie are buddies.
 They sang a bunch of cute songs they have been learning this year for us. 
 This was my favorite art project that he brought home from school this month.
 Miss Mignonne was Bodies teacher, she loved music and art.
 And she loved Bodie!
Bodie will miss going to school - every morning he would ask if it was his 'school day' since he only went one morning a week.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunshine Circle Graduation.

Truman graduated from school today.
This was Truman's spring school picture.
So cute!
He has a little twenty minutes program where they sang songs.
They each had a speaking part.
Most of the songs were about the sun since the schools name is Sunshine Circle.
Each child walked across the stage for graduation and said what they wanted to be when they grow up.
Truman said "policeman"
When you ask Truman why he wants to be a policeman he will tell you it's so he doesn't get put in the slammer!
There was a really cute slide show at the end with pictures from the entire year.
Truman filled out this page all about himself at the beginning of the year that they gave back to us tonight.  It's fun to look back at how he has changed over the last 9 months.  
Truman loved Miss Lisa - she was a great teacher, unfortunately this year was her last year teaching.  She gave Truman a package of bubbles and this note;

Dear Truman, 

When you play with these bubbles I hope you will remember the day when we were making those big bubbles in class and they were popping all over us and we were laughing and having fun.  Then I hope you will remember all the fun times we had in preschool and you will always make school fun.  It is important to learn new things and work hard at school.  You will go far in life as you use your talents.  

Thanks for all the laughs and smiles you gave and for the cool things you brought to school.  I loved all the BYU stuff and the "new" underwear for "U" day!  Keep being a great big brother and don't forget to say hi to me whenever you see me.

I love you.

Love, Miss Lisa

Truman's self portrait as a policeman.
Mr. Sun
Jake and Luke moved into our neighborhood this winter and joined Truman's school class.
Hopefully these three amigos are going to be good friends over the years.
What a ham.
I wanted to include this picture because I think Truman look so much like his cousin Stella in this picture.  The eyes, eye color and smile.
Truman loves school, we can not wait for kindergarten in the fall.
But for now ... schools out for the summer!!!