Monday, August 18, 2014

Pool with Dallin.

"Ready to ride to the pool mom!"
 Everyone is getting ready to go back to school ... but not us!
Kindergarten doesn't start for almost another two weeks and we are taking full advantage of that.
 We love having Dallin and Becca living so close {they are living at my parents house here in Midway for the next year}.  Becca is teaching at Provo High so she had to go "back to school" today so we invited Dallin to come to the pool with us.
We have lived at the pool this summer ... I have been keeping track of the hours we have spent there.  When the pool finally closes I will add up the hours and share.
 Pete loves to hangout in the stroller and watch the kids play.
Is there anything better then a baby in the summer in a white onesie?!
It's on repeat in Pete's closet.
 Bodie has improved the most with his swimming skills this year.  He started out always wanting his life jacket but has progressed to not using it at all.  He is still very caution and not totally comfortable in the water without it.  He practices swimming out from the stairs and back, trying to go further every time.
 Snack break.
 With Dallin at the pool I got to sit on the side and watch everyone play.
Dallin was making Truman do full sit-up in the water.
 My kids love uncle Dallin, I am thankful he is around and willing to play with them {and be a good influence in their lives.}.
They might love him even more now that he 'scoots' around Midway on this awesome thing.