Monday, July 26, 2010


Last weekend I attended Stampin' Up convention with my parents {my dad sneaks me in every year}.  Nate came for a day to see what it was all about - he made several cards, good job Nate!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


In between our family reunion, trek and Nate's triathlon my mom and I watched my older sister four kids so she could go backpacking with her husband.  I really wanted a cute picture of Jean and Truman, but it just wasn't happening.  This is the best I could do!

We took the kids fishing at the Midway pond {is that it's real name}?  Enoch actually caught a fish.  It was very eventful as you can imagine.  Quinn wanted nothing to do with fishing, she was more interested in feeding the ducks donuts {she fed them 12} - but once we caught a fish she was right there in the action.  Thanks to Grandma Quinn and her awesome fishing skills we got the fish off the hook {actually we ended up just cutting the line}. Quinn threw the fish back in the pond but it was too late, he had already died, so we had to 'fish' it back out!  It was rather funny.  The kids were so proud of the fish.  That night Papa Hopkinson cleaned it and fried it up for everyone to try.

The classic "fish" shot.

After our fishing adventures we played at the park!

After fishing and the park we went swimming.  Phew, what an exhausting day!

And, I think I am caught up on our blog...for now.
We have a couple more busy weeks and then maybe it will calm down!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Thursday July 15 - Saturday July 17 Gregg and I participated in our Midway Stake Trek.  We started at Cascade Springs and hiked with handcarts along the back side of the Wasatch/Uinta Mountains and came down Snake Creek Canyon.  It was about 22 miles total.
This was our family {pictured above} Garrett, Nate {baby Sacagawea}, Alyssa, Pierce, Anna and Katherine.  They were great and we loved getting to know their personalities better.
Company Captain: Bishop and Sister Hight.

This was our kids idea of a "square" dance.
Gregg catching up on some missed sleep.

Be Strong bracelet the stake gave us after a morning devotional.

One water crossing.

The "pony express" brining us letters from home.
Between hiking Havasupai and Trek I have lost three toenails.

Kristin Cranney taking photos and kids reading letters from home.
Me in my "pioneer" dress that was my moms homecoming dress in 1975 with my daughter Anna in her moms homecoming dress!

Ma and  Pa Simons.
This picture explains a lot!

I think I can say that everyone had a great time. It was much more challenging to pull a hand cart than I thought.  It was also very hot - but we all did it and there was very little complaining.  
The best part was Sunday - Bishop called on several youth and adult leaders to share their testimonies and experiences in Sacrament Meeting.  The youth also go to sing their Trek songs in church.  I was called on as the last person to share my testimony.  I shared on of my favorite quotes from trek that the Midway Stake singles ward bishop (Bishop Ashton, Marvin J. Ashtons son) shared with us at a devotional.

"If you take care of what is important to the Lord, the Lord will take care of what is important to you."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am behind on my blogging.  I hate that feeling.  I will try diligently to get caught up soon!!!
Two weeks ago my  little younger brother Nate did his first triathlon.  Go Nate!  Truman and I were his cheerleaders.

That is a good look for you Nate - maybe it will help you get a woman.
The Swim, in freezing cold Echo reservoir.  I was so worried for the swim, but he did awesome and he wasn't too cold. 
Yahoo, he finished the swim and is looking strong.

Truman taking a mid-morning nap.

And, the finish line!  Good job Nate!
I am not sure what his official time was, but he did a really good job.  I think he was pleased with his performance.  Now we are training {or suppose to be training} for a 10K next weekend...