Friday, July 31, 2015


We had a lot going on in July ...
{according to my iphone}
The dining table after our 4th of July trip to Idaho ...
And done!
My goal was to have it all cleaned off before we went to bed - it makes for a better Monday morning.
I found Pete snuggling the kids duffle bags.
We are in the thick of our summer reading programs.
I am trying to be more aware of ways that Bodie can help around the house - it's good for his personality.
Pete's current favorite toy from grandma Lynn and grandpa Bob.

Reading with mom.
Pete has discovered the love of toy cars.
I worked a few days helping my cousin and his wife make selections for their new house.
They have great taste so it was fun and easy.
We got to have Quinn at our house for a weekend which we always LOVE. She is such a big help and the kids totally admire her.  I am always begging Tiff to let me have some of her kids!
Quinn loves making chocolate chip cookies!
We sent a double batch home with her to share with her very pregnant mom.
Flowers for a friend who had a crazy chain of events and ended up having emergency surgery just a few weeks after having a baby.  All is totally fine now - just kind of crazy then.
Pete loves his new toy that is hopefully encouraging him to walk independently.
There are so many other great uses he is discovering!
Oh this stage ... 
He wishes he was outside all day everyday.
Chatbooks + church = a quiet bench!
They love looking at pictures of themselves.
A college roommate {one of my first actually} was in town and it was so much fun to get together and have dinner and catch up.
 More reading.
Introducing Pete to more car toys.
Why does everyone love our bed?
We had Jean and Anna for a few days.
Always has to get her hair done by aunt Millie.
We had tennis lessons all month long.
I think Bodie might be our tennis player - technically he was two years to young for this group but was good enough to play with them!  I would be happy to see the Simons family tennis legacy {Gregg and Brad} live on!
I really like our tennis pro.
Cousins got to watch lessons.
Lots of summer playing going on 24-7
Jake, Luke, Bodie, Anna, Jean and Truman.
I can't remember why Jean and Anna were borrowing the boys' PJ's but Bodie thought it was silly.
Pete watching a YouTube video of his cousins in Japan.
Donuts from the Chevron in Kamas after hiking - they are a must.
Standing {with the help of the wall} Ya!
No one seems to appreciate my creative rainbow of flowers like I do!
Also, our pumpkins are doing awesome - those are the vines.
Pete discovered the play-set out side.
Bodie loves corn on-the-cob so he planted an entire planter box of corn this year.
It's doing great!
This little guy sometimes makes it hard to get any yard work done.
A late night snack and chat with mom.
Tami and I ran the Charleston 24th of July 5K.
Cousins, lunch and grandma's house!!!
Pete gave Nate lots of loves while he was here from Japan.
Pete begs to ride the razor with grandpa and grandma.
{Bodie, Eliot, Truman, Ira and Anthony}
Anthony and took the older four kids to see InsideOut in theaters while they were visiting - it was so much fun.  Love that movie.
Truman has been trying to earn and save money.  He called grandpa Quinn one day and asked if he had any jobs he could do to earn some money.  He met grandpa early one morning to help paint the old trailer black in preparation for selling it.
More car's for Pete.
While MI Quinn's were here we went to the Midway fish hatchery.
Lazy summer lunch with cousins.
We are in the thick of the Wasatch County fair - my dad won best of show for his purple onions from his garden.
My mom won best of show for her flowers.
Unexpected flowers from Gregg.
It was a good way to end the month.