Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oregon Coast: or bust!

We drove the rest of the way today stopping only for potty breaks and food!
We found a cute local hamburger joint to eat at - it was good but way to expensive for the middle of nowhere.
Some of the views from the car.
 The anticipation as we got closer to the beach was like Christmas morning!  The view also got a lot greener and more lush.
 We rented this cute beach house which worked out perfect for our family.  Originally we wanted to take my in-laws RV and camp next to my cousin but when that didn't work out I had found a condo to rent.  Twenty-four hours before we were suppose to leave on our trip the lady I was renting from called and canceled on me, saying she had accidentally double booked.  I felt so jaded, and we considered not going at all but late the night before we left I found this cute place that was available so we booked it. 

 It was cute and homey and it worked perfectly.
Here is a screen shot from my friend finder app.  All day we tried to "catch up" to the Schanks.  We never got closer then 45 minutes from each other.  They would stop for a potty break and we would gain on them, then someone in our car would need to stop and they would get away from us.  It was fun to finally be together, and at the beach!!!
We drove straight to the beach and unloaded the kids bikes.
Gregg and the boys ran straight to the water to feel it ... cold!
Truman immediately started collecting things.
This reminds me of a book or movie or something ... 
The weather was on repeat!
 Back at our little beach house we set out on a walk to find a place to eat dinner.  We found the only market in town and it happened to be named "McKay's"  They boys wanted their picture by the sign so we could send a copy to Uncle McKay on his mission.

Gregg is under the sign with his back to the camera on the phone - that was the story of this entire trip ... Gregg on the phone!   Business was busy and luckily he could keep working while we were gone.
 We tried to eat here {the kids even rode their bikes into the restaurant} but a sign said "18 and older"
 At the end of town we found this restaurant that overlooked the water ... I got the impression it was the "nice place in town".  Gotta love the small town ambiance.