Saturday, October 31, 2015


October according to my iphone.
Bodie and Gregg had a special day long date at the beginning of the month.  They got an oil change in my car, shopped, swam and brought me my favorite donuts!  Lucky me.
Pete loves the shower - he will stand in there by himself in the morning while I get ready for the day.
Look what we found while cleaning out the garden boxes!
Our garden boxes were out of control this fall - it took me several days to clear them all out.
I had the worse sore throat for about two weeks, the only thing that sounded good/ felt good was the berry smoothy from McDonalds - not something I would normally drink.  Gregg brought me a few on his way home from work while I was sick.
These were the kids parts for the primary program.
It must have been a good day at school - Truman came home looking like this.
I love fall cooking - soup season has officially begun.

I love peas and potatoes soup but when my friend posted about peas and potatoes with rotisserie chicken in it I had to try it.  I always thought peas and potatoes soup was one of these made-up Idaho meals my mom grew up on and passed down to us.  Apparently it's a real things and I especially love this new version with chicken in it.  The peas and potatoes were from our garden :)
Sunday morning walk around our neighborhood.
Bodie was sick for the Primary program at church, he slept ALL afternoon in the sun in our bed.
When he woke up he was like a new person!  A little gatorade, bread and barf bowl.
Cute picture Truman drew for his friends.
Some girlfriends and I all read "The life-changing magic of tidying up" and then committed each other to clean out and send picture updates.  I started with our master closet since the season are changing and so is my body.
It feels SO good to have some of my spaces organized and cleaned out.
This is this first year this plant has bloomed in my yard - it was suppose to be a lilac!
One night I needed to get out of the house so Pete and I met McKay in Provo and took him to dinner at Kneaders.
Dallin and Becca got home from a trip to Japan and Taiwan {her mission).
They came over to show us their treasures.
Taiwan treats.
Flu shots for everyone!
Bodie putting up our Halloween sticker decals.
After school reading.
Truman has been complaining about some hip pain so I took him to see our chiropractor.  I learned how to help him stretch out his muscles after soccer games.
Truman is into earning money and saving so he called Grandpa Quinn to see if he could work for him.  Grandpa paid him for every rock he picked up out of the field.
Truman is a hard worker, we were proud of him.
Needing some extra after school loves.
All I wanted to do was snuggle up with Gregg when this cute little boy insisted on sitting between us.
An epic battle between uncle Dallin and the boys.
More soups.
This time homemade chicken noodle - although I switched out making noodles to these store bought ones so that Pete can eat it.
Truman made this sign and hung in our room.
Our bench in church has been a little on the rowdy side lately so one Sunday afternoon I made the boy sit on the sofa for 15 minutes and practice being quiet.
Truman asked to do the dishes one night!!!
I watched {and took pictures} while Gregg taught him how.
My greeneries are loving this warm long fall weather.
Fall morning bike ride with brother-in-laws.
Gregg, Dallin and McKay.
This was a sneak peak picture I sent my family when they asked about our Halloween costumes.

Happy October, welcome November.

Halloween 2015.

Simons Family Halloween 2015.
Let the force be with you!

The boys decided a while ago {like last year after Halloween} that they wanted our family to all dress up in Star Wars attire for Halloween this year.  We let the boys decided who everyone was going to be, they had so much fun planning.
Darth Vader Truman
Boba Fett Bodie
Yoda Pete
He was NOT into having his picture taken, he was really sick.
Its never to early to start trick-or-treating.
We stopped by grandpa and grandma Quinn's house first thing in the morning in our PJ's.

Tonight our neighborhood sponsored a dinner before everyone headed out trick-or-treating.  Unfortunately Pete got sick right as we were walking out the door so I stayed home and cleaned up throw-up.  I don't have any pictures of the dinner or trick-or-treating.

Checking out the loot after trick-or-treating is the best part.
McKay showed up and immediately found himself in a light saber battle with Darth Truman.
Don't mess with Darth Vader.

It was a great Halloween - I just wish Pete didn't get sick.