Saturday, April 30, 2016


April according to my iphone.
Norah holding her own binky!
One morning before school the older boys were bundled up {because it was still cold outside} eating popsicles.  These two can't wait for summer!
My mom hadn't seen Norah in a few days so I texted her this picture and said that Norah was missing her!
Pete loves Norah's purple blanket.
A purple day, a girl after my own heart.
Everyone always wants a turn holding Norah.
Especially at bedtime.
Bodie got her to sleep!
Pete loves to be outside.  We walk Truman to the bus every morning.  Pete can get his shoes and hat by himself - he knows our morning routine.
This is everyones favorite way to be taken to bed lately.
Bodie is never far away from Miss. Norah.
He wanted to lay next to her and next thing I knew he was asleep.
It was warm enough for a picnic one day.
This is how Pete eats raspberries, one at a time.
My girlfriends and I get together once a month for lunch but for the last few weeks Tami has been substituting so we can't meet during the day.  The last few months we have met at Kneaders at night - this was the first time I brought Norah to her first 'girls night out'
Tami loved holding her while we all talked.
My mom took Truman out to lunch for his birthday.
He chose Dairy Keen
Again, never far from each other.
Bodie has taken more naps this month because he always wants to be by Norah.
And Pete always wants to do what Norah is doing {don't worry, she's not in there}.
Fun at grandma's
Jean, Bodie and Truman.
Where has this been my entire life?
7 pounds of Hershey's chocolate syrup.
Thank you Costco.
And on the back their was on offer for a syrup pump - still waiting for it to come in the mail.
Pete patiently waiting for me ... fell asleep.
McKay and Rachel {McRach} working on wedding stuff and Bodie babysitting them :)
Favorite way to be taken up to bed.
Norah's poop-plosion up to her hair.
He always asks to hold her or snuggle next to her and then next thing I know he is asleep.
Water + Dirt = Little boys.
Flowers for one of my mission companion who's baby was born at 32 weeks and was in the NICU and then her father passed away.  So tough.
The florist buckled them into one of my car seats :)
Pete at the zoo with Gregg.
Cute Norah.
We can't get enough.
A friend texted me this silly picture of Bodie at a birthday party.
Pete loving Norah.
She looks thrilled.
At the beginning of the month when Norah was just a few days olds he was starting to look a little jaundice so we put her in the sun as often as possible for a few days.
So serious.
Two random facts; 1) she loves her bath 2) her umbilical cord stayed on for one whole month.
Pete is learning to fall asleep in the car - he always leans over and steals Norah's blankets.
Rachel, McKay, Dad and Mom and Stamping convention.
Rachel makes amazing chocolate chip cookies.
One morning Norah was whimpering in her car chair - I was preoccupied getting other kids out the door when I finally stopped to see why she had stopped crying this is what I found.  Pete had crawled up onto the bench and was snuggling her and trying to give her her binky.  It is so good to see him nurture her {so good for him}.
They are going to be good for each other.
We survived the first month.
She is so sweet and really it has been a great transition.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Meeting Uncle Nate.

 Uncle Nate came all the way from Japan to meet Norah.
Just kidding, not really.
Nate happened to be in the US for work when Lauren's grandmother passed away so he came to Utah to attend the funeral.
 And to meet Norah! :)
I love these pictures.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Beard.

Gregg has been growing a beard and getting tons of compliments on it - from everyone except me.  I think it looks great, I just don't like kissing it.
It is worthy of its own blog post.
He had some fun shaving it off.  He went to his parents house one night looking like this!!! His mom said he needed to wear a cowboy hat.
I should have kept my mouth shut about the beard because now I am looking at THIS.