Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oregon Coast: fish & chips.

Lindsey & Abe and Joel & Ilene had on their schedule to eat fish and chips at least once while in Oregon.  There was this cute floating restaurant that we decided to try.
 The boys thought the dock was fun to play on.
 Pete looks a little worried :)

After fish & chips we drove up to the Umpqua Lighthouse to check it out.
 I love this kid.
 It is still an active U.S. Coast Guard station with people living there.
 Here is a map of the are we were at all weekend.
The kids loved hearing about the humpback whales.

 Right inside the museum there was a large world and US map.  Visitors could mark with a pin their home town.  Midway was already marked on the map but Fallon, Nevada wasn't!  Linz got to mark her territory :)

 The boys loved looking at the ships and US Coast guard stuff.
 After learning a little bit more about the Coast Guard and what they do/have done ... I would have no desire to have that kind of a job!  To scary.
 This was on original Coast Guard boat made all of wood.