Sunday, August 10, 2014

Oregon Coast: the Bosie Temple.

We drove through Idaho on our way home for a change of scenery.
In Bosie we stopped to show the kids the temple.
Bodie, Truman, Gregg and Pete.
 Pete wore his appropriate traveling attire!
 The fountains were a favorite.

We were back on the road with no intentions of stopping again until our car indicated that we were slowly loosing air pressure in one of our tires.  We were in the middle of no where.  We exited the freeway at the next town and drove to the gas station to put air in our tire and see if we could see a problem.  Bodie immediately found the shrapnel in our tire :(

Unfortunately there were no tire places open because it was Sunday.
A nice lady in the gas station had just finished telling us that she thought there was an after hours number posted on the door of the tire factory when the owner just happened to walk in to pay for his gas.  Coincidence? I don't think so, more like an answer to our prayers!  He told us where the tire factory was and said he would call one of his employee's to meet us there.

Sure enough, when we pulled up there was a guy there to fix our tire.  He let us hangout in the air conditioned shop so I could nurse Pete while he fixed our tire.    We were back on the road in about 45 minutes and SO thankful we had not been stuck on the side of I-84 in one hundred degree weather and three little kids trying to change a flat {thank you modern technology and new car for warning us that our tire was loosing air pressure}.
Back on the road everyone zonked back out and we were smooth sailing.
What a fantastic trip and great memories.
Thanks Schank's and Trent's.