Saturday, August 30, 2014

Swiss Days.

 About two months ago my sister called me and asked if I wanted to run the Swiss Days 10K with her.  I knew I would need to train so I figured it was great motivation to get out and run.

My friend Tami and I have been running together at least once a week until about a week ago when she fell one night while we were running ... she hurt her ankle really bad and the worst part was it was completely my fault {because I made us run in the dark}.  Tami was not able to run today with us, it made me race so much harder not having my normal running partner to pace me and talk to :(
I didn't see Tiff or our friend Annika at all once the race started.  With about one mile to go I could hear my sister behind me yelling my name, I could not believe she caught up to me.  All I could think was "I can't let my sister beat me" but she was gaining on my fast!  We ran the last half mile together and then she graciously let me beat her!  

The last half mile or so we kept wondering where all our kids were to cheer us on!  I guess they were waiting on what they thought was the race route but wasn't!  We could have used their cheers :)

We finished in just under an hour which felt great, we are just a bunch of old moms after all!!!
Tiff said this is her last 10K ... but I think it should be the start of a new tradition!