Sunday, August 31, 2014


Random leftovers from August ...
Bodie, asleep and naked on the love sac, this could be dangerous!
Pool with dad.
"Parts" how appropriate since he is picking one.
Summer fruit platter for a friends baptism!
Sometimes things get a little out of control, like the office for example!
Did I really let him have a bowl of popcorn in our bed while watching a movie unsupervised after last months incident?
Better yet, he fell asleep with his hand IN the bowl, he is totally my child!
Pete drooling milk while sleeping in my arms ... it must have been good!
At the pool with Dallin and Becka one afternoon.
Hold on Bodie, it might be a wild ride tonight!!
Pete doing 'tummy time' with dad.

Bodie "reading" to Pete one night
Pete loved it!
It's pie season in my books!
I love making Peach Blackberry pie with our yummy Utah peaches.
My little brother Dallin asked me to teach him how to make them one afternoon.
{thank you Truman for being the photographer}
Read to ride to the pool, googles on and all.
 It has been such a pleasant summer with the perfect temperatures and lots of rain.  We spend as much time as we can outside and at the pool.
 Dallin ran my last "long" run with me the week before my 10K.
The picture above is us stretching our legs on a lamp pole mid run and below is him giving me a ride home on his ruckus after our run.
 This is what cleaning the church on a Saturday morning looks like!
 This kids loves riding his bike to the bus stop every morning and I like walking with him.
 One night while Dallin and I were on a run and Becka was biking with us, the sky's opened up and it started to downpour!  I made them keep going with me to get our milage for the day in.  We were soaked when we finally made it back to my parents house.
It was one busy month!  Now that school has started we will *hopefully* settle into a fall routine!