Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012.

We started out the day with spider web pancakes.  The boys thought I was an amazing mother!
Is 9:30 AM to early to start tick-or-treating?
Truman insisted we stop at Grandpa and Grandma Simons house on the way to preschool.
This skeleton is ready for his preschool party!
Here is the darling ghost he got from him teacher Miss. Camee
This witch is ready for the day!
Complete with a spider eye ... which Truman thought was very 'awesome'

Here is my other cute skeleton ready for the day.  He got the idea of tick-or-treating really quick!
He was the cutest to watch - he was in love with the entire day.
After school it was off to trick-or-treat dad at work.
They didn't have ANY candy ... so the boys each got a can of root beer.
One of Gregg's coworkers scared Truman - he ran to me crying and buried his face in my skirt ... he left his face-print, can you see it?!
After picking up uncle McKay from school early it was off to Herriman to Hopkinsons.
I am pretty sure the kids only had fries and candy all day!
McKay and I were laughing so hard at Bodie eating his fries in the back seat - he just held up the container and ate straight from there!
McKay enjoying the holiday.
I couple of nights ago McKay had to dress up as a zombie for school and this is what he looked like.
ALL the skeletons waiting for the big kids at the bus stop.
{Anna, Truman, Jean and Bodie}
These cousins adore each other!
The Hopkinson kids didn't know we were coming so when Addie the gypsy, Quinn the mermaid, and Enoch the army man got off the bus they were SO happy to see their cousins - so cute.
Walking home from the bus stop
{Jean and Bodie}
The day just kept getting better and better.  Not long after we got home from the bus stop Dallin {the other army man} showed up on his motorcycle.  The kids were elated.
Everyone loves uncle Dallin.
Quinn the mermaid.
Addie the gypsy.
Dr. Trent
Anna and her crazy hair to go along with that crazy face paint!
This girl is quiet, and content following everyone in her family around.
{She does love her aunt Millie!  Every time I am around she wants me to hold her and I adore it}
Tiff and Aaron host a neighborhood Halloween dinner before trick-or-treating.
They served taco soup with all the fixings, white chocolate popcorn {that was amazing}, and homemade donuts.
{I can not get enough of this cute girl - love her}

Then it was off to the good stuff, trick-or-treating.

Tiffany told the older kids they could go around the cul-da-sac with the little kids all by themselves and they were pretty excited about the freedom.
Bodie was just excited about the candy.  He got the sucker at the first house and ate it the entire rest of the way!

Bodie carried his basket around the block like this ... he is going to have a sore arm tomorrow!


Tiff is a die hard.  After the cul-da-sac I was done, but she insisted we all walk around the block!
Mackenzie was pretty excited when she realized all she had to do was smile and hold out her basket for candy!
The loot.
What a great holiday!  It was so much fun this year with the ages of the kids.  Bodie was almost more excited about the entire day then Truman.
She is so good to him!

On the way home.
The night and the moon were so fitting for the occasion - but of couse a picture does not do justice!