Thursday, July 31, 2014


Here are a few random blog worthy pictures from July.
Truman likes to ride his bike when I go running, it has been a blast to have him as my little biking partner.
One night I took him on a three-mile run.  I wasn't sure if he could ride that long or that far but he did great, the cutest part was how proud of himself he was.  He has been telling everyone he likes to go on three mile bike rides for exercise.
Pete and his intensified finger sucking.
My mom grew these flowers in her garden and shared them with me!
One afternoon Bodie came in from the backyard with this bloody face.  Surprisingly he was not very upset considering Truman's soccer ball had hit him smack in the face.
We have had the best weather this summer.
This is a rain storm rolling in from Park City.
 My first harvest of the summer ... zucchini!
 Pete helping me clean out our closet.
 Luke, Bodie, Truman and Jake.
These boys have been best buddies this summer.
 Getting pulled over - it's worth documenting because I have yet to get a ticket.  I am sure my luck will run out soon.
This is a nightly scene at our house, Gregg in bed at night reading.
Cooling off.
More beautiful skies.
Lots of night time runs.
Bodie covering his ear's for a loud noise - my kids are so sensitive to loud noises.
A stop in Provo canyon to feed this guy.  He was happy about it.
Our front steps have looked like this all summer with our pool toys and towels out to dry every night.
Welcome August!