Friday, June 29, 2012

swim lessons.

We had swim lessons this week.  This is Truman before 8 AM on Monday morning ready to go - he was so excited.
I asked one of the young men in our ward, who is on the high school swim team, if he would teach Truman swim lessons this summer.  Some of our friends joined us for lessons and it turned our great. We just finished our first week and Truman's big accomplishments were,
1. pool side safety {learning to tell an adult before he gets in the water}, and
2. learning to float on his back.
Swimming to Chad.
Waiting for his turn in the deep end.
The best part about swim lessons is playing around at the pool after!  Chad is the oldest of four boys so they all came to the pool everyday to play.  Truman now affectionately calls the Patterson boys "the big boys"
The last day we ordered burgers and fries pool side.  It was a celebration of finishing our first week of swim lessons and a celebration of selling our lot at Red Ledges.

Selling our lot was a little bit hard just because it is the middle of the summer and we have enjoyed the pool almost every day ... but the ultimate plan was always to sell it {and make some money} so we are glad that finally happened!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pool at grandmas.

We went down to Grandpa and Grandma Simons house this afternoon to play in the splash pool with Jonas and Elliott {and to play some ball}.

Grandpa tackling Truman and then Truman running after him.
Bodie splashing in the pool.
Krista took some pictures of the boys on the rocks - hopefully hers turned out better then mine {!}
Jonas learning to catch the ball. Good job.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


These pictures are from a few weeks ago.  We met the Phillips family at Wasatch State Park to fish.  The kids had alot of fun.
Scott asked Truman if he wanted to kiss the fish and he said, yes ... and he did.
Reese was more interested in the worms.  I don't think she even picked up a fishing pool!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Advice from a Singer sewing manual from 1949.

Prepare yourself mentally for sewing . Think about what you are going to do ... Never approach sewing with a sign or lackadaisically.  Good results are difficult when indifference predominates.

Never try to sew with a sink full of dirty dishes or beds unmade.  When there are urgent housekeeping chores, do these first so your mind is free to enjoy your sewing.  When you sew, make yourself as attractive as possible.  Put on a clean dress.  Keep a little bag full of French chalk near your sewing machine to dust your fingers at intervals.  have your hair in order, powder and lipstick put on.  If you are constantly fearful that a visitor will drop in or your husband will come home, and you will not look neatly put together, you will not enjoy your sewing.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Morning.

 Anna and Bodie in their positions of power watching all the morning excitement.
 Lemon french toast with berry butter {from The Pioneer Woman}
 The kids had so much fun playing football and sword fighting in the dirt.
 My cousin Jenny and her husband Kyle joined us for the camping chaos - they were troopers to put up with   all the kids.
 Gregg and Bodie on a morning walk.
 Addie is the cartwheel queen.  She would do cartwheels all the way up to the bathroom and back.

After a lazy morning we packed up camp and went to Red Ledges to swim {clean off} and play.
 Tiffany and I were laughing so hard when Truman cam over to talk to us with his super tight goggles on - they were so tight his left nostril is flared out.
 Lunch by the pool.
 Gregg was the pool entertainment - the kids loved being thrown in the air by him.
Truman discovered this week how fun the big pool can be with his life jacket on.