Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ogden Temple.

This afternoon we went up to Ogden to the temple open house.  Gregg and I both remember touring temples {him the Denver and me the Bountiful} when we were kids so we wanted to jump on the opportunity to take our kids to a temple open house.
It was such a beautiful day.
We tried to get a good family photo in front of the temple ... unfortunately you can barely see us!
While there I realized that I don't think I ever saw the original Ogden temple in person, now that it is gone it is kind of a shame I didn't.
I heard on the news that over a half of a million people visited the open house, that is impressive.
We stopped at Maverick for a little treat afterward.
Bodie has a love obsession with peanut butter so he got the peanut butter and graham crackers frozen yogurt and Truman got the root beer and vanilla.  They ended up liking the other persons more so they switched.
It's like I was telling a friend of mine, it felt like a lot of effort to get everyone dressed in their Sunday best and drive up to Ogden in the middle of the day {in the middle of the summer} but it was so worth it, and that is sometime's why we do what we do.