Tuesday, September 30, 2014


One morning I left early for a race, I didn't want to wake up Gregg so I left this note with important information on Pete!
A friend of mine was a couple of days over due so we met up one night for a walk.
We ended up walking 4 miles and I have to admit I was having a hard time keeping up with her!
The next morning she texted me to tell me our walk didn't put her into labor so she was going to start canning her tomatoes ... but ... with in the hour she was at the hospital and giving birth!  Maybe there is something to my long desperate walks that do work!
Oh Bodie.
This kid is totally different then Truman and sometimes I find myself needing to take a step back and evaluate my parenting.
Truman begs to go on a bike ride everyday.  One night we rode around all the paths in our neighborhood, it was the most gorgeous night.  I took this shot with my iphone but the sun was shinning so bright I wasn't sure what the picture would turn out like.
We got out the Halloween stuff .. I know, it's a little early but it is Bodie's favorite holiday and we want to celebrate as long as we can.  It makes him so happy!

Tonight the boys were invited to go with some friends out to get slurppies {a favorite around here}.  I knew Bodie was to tired to go even though it was only 6 PM.  I walked Truman down stairs and out to our friends car when Gregg came out and said Bodie had fallen asleep and I needed to see.  I ran up to the boys room and found this {pictured above}.  Bodie asleep on Truman's bed mid-story with his skeleton mask on at 6 PM.
 We have been trying to feed Pete more solid foods.  It makes such a mess in the beginning when they are trying to learn how to get it in their mouth.
There was one night this month that was forecasted to freeze.  I was worried about our garden so I harvested as much as I could.
Spaghetti squash,  red potatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and crook neck squash.
We have had lots of rain this month which we don't mind at all!
I don't think our sprinklers have been turned on for almost a month.
One morning it was raining at the bus stop.  Truman grabbed this VS umbrella and I thought it was pretty funny when the boys were all under it together waiting for the bus!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Johnny Appleseed.

 A cute little Johnny Appleseed jumped off the bus today instead of Truman.
I thought his "hat" was so cute and the fact that he wore it on the bus on the way home.
 He was in a goofy mood.
He might just regret these pictures someday.
No smiles for me today.  Just his "trying to frown" face!
{which is still cute, and funny}

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Last day to swim.

I love these two little boys so much!
We had such a fun summer.
Bodie showing me his twister.
I have been worried about this summer for more then a year!
I was so worried about having THREE little kids all at home all summer.  We took the first couple of weeks really slow- each week felt like a big milestone.
Truman's twister.
Today was the last day that our pools were open for the season so we took full advantage and swam all afternoon.  Gregg met us there after work with Pizza.
We had the pool to ourselves and the boys were slightly goofy today.
This is what all summer at the pool will leave you looking like! :)
I decided to keep track of all the hours we spent at the pool this summer.
Every day we went I would write down the hours on my calendar.

We spent just about 80 hours at the pool!

What a fun summer!
I was so worried about having three kids but I would dare say this was one of our best summers ever.
We are sad it is over.

Friday, September 26, 2014

7 months old.

7 months old.
12 pounds 10 ounces.
And happy as can be.
Sorry, I couldn't choose just one ... or two ... or three!
There are just so many of his great faces in these pictures.
I am posting them all!

He finally fits into this adorable football hat that his aunt Amber made for him.

What is this thing?
"Who me? Couldn't be"
Okay, I'm done.
Ready to eat .. my shoe.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Walk to school.

Today was a state wide walk to school day.
Here in Midway everyone met at the town hall and then from there the kids could ride or walk to school.
 When the kids first got to school there were police officers greeting them and giving way pencils and the stickers pictured above.  Truman immediately put his on his bike with a little bit of pride!
 The PTA gave the kids oranges, apples and juice.
 I sat in the sky room with Truman while we waited for the bell to ring.
{I spy Luke}
 I spotted Truman's self portrait hanging outside his class room.
 And his cute teachers.
I sat in the classroom and watched their morning routine.  I kind of like being in the classroom, my time is just so limited with two other little ones at home. 
 I love this little guy and I am so thankful he is loving kindergarten.