Monday, April 27, 2015

Japan {Yakiniku Dinner}.

After Ninnaji we walked for a while through a neighborhood to get to the train station.  We decided to walk so we could see what mainstream Japanese life might look like.

It was a beautiful night and a really pretty walk.
Some action shots of the train coming.
We road the train to Sanjo
Lauren is hungry and excited for dinner!
She had done some awesome research for us and found the best restaurants in Kyoto to eat at, even though this restaurant was a little out of our way it had great reviews so we wanted to try it out.
Traditional Japanese - take your shoes off.
This restaurant had the coolest interior design concept.
Super simple with lots of different woods - it looks casual in the pictures because of the plywood but it was super chic.
We were in a private room {which worked out perfect with the two little kids}, you can see how small the door was!
Yakiniku Dinner  焼き肉 means "grilled meat" - the term came after the Korean War to be politically correct in referring to a South Korean restaurant.  

Today, it commonly refers to a Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat (usually beef) and vegetables on griddles over a flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation.  In other countries this is often referred to as "Japanese's barbecue"
The lighting was so difficult - you can see Gregg kneeling on the ground in this picture.
Lauren, Tagg and Nate.
Pete LOVED the table - it was just his size!
We ordered plates of meat and vegetables and then we got to grill them to our liking.
Pete loved the rice.
Nate was our grill master for the first part of the dinner and then Gregg took over.
The meat was so delicious and there was a whole array of salts to season our meat with.
And the veggies were so fresh.
We never could figure out what exactly what the large green pee looking things were.  They were almost like an over grown edamame, they were huge.
My itsy-bitsy plate!  Now wonder the Japanese are in such good shape.
We took the Subway home  - I tell you, these subway systems are crazy.
We drooled over the desserts back at the hotel but ultimate passed on having one.
Lauren said they looked to good to eat!!
Japanese couples don't traditionally sleep together.  The baby sleeps with the mom for years and the husband gets his own bed! So in our hotel we had double king beds!  I pushed them together to make a super-king!
We wore this guy out.
He was out after eating all that rice and touring all day.
We changed him into his PJ's and put him to bed without him even opening an eye.

So far we love Kyoto.
The places we are seen are beautiful.