Friday, April 24, 2015

Japan {Ramen}.

After getting up early to go to the fish market we took a mid morning nap!  After naps and showers we headed out for some late lunch.
This is the lobby at Nate and Lauren's.
Mirrors on one side and windows adjacent to them makes for a cool effect.
I'm loving my little kuala on my front!!!
We headed north {or what felt like north} up to the bus stop.
We took the bus downtown to Afuri a local ramen restaurant.
In typical Japanese style we ordered via this vending machine!
You get to choose the size, broth, noodles, flavoring, add-ins and toppings.  It was pretty cool.  The machine then prints a receipt in the kitchen and the chef's make your order.
Again, good thing there were pictures!
It was a cute and causal restaurant where we got to sit at this bar to eat.
Nate and Tagg.
We watched as they made our orders.
And there you have it, real Japanese ramen.
Apparently Pete and I were excited about the ramen!
And the best part was the arugula lettuce {which is my favorite} in the ramen, I am going to have to add some to my ramen back home.
Pete liked the bamboo we ordered on top.
Poor Tagg - they wouldn't let him out of his trap!  Just kidding, he liked it back there and he loved the ramen {and nice skills Lauren feeding him with chopsticks}.
Pete liked it.
He also thought that drinking out of a cup was pretty cool.
After our yummy lunch we headed down, down, down to the lowest subway for a ride to the other side of the city.  This escalator was SO long and it was about the 6th one DOWN we had taken.  In Tokyo there are subway lines on top of subway lines - something you don't want to think about when you are on the lowest subway {also try not to think about earthquakes while you are down there}.