Saturday, April 25, 2015

Japan {Shinjuku}.

Tagg has only lived in the city a few months but he already knows how the subways work.
Buying tickets with dad.
He has to hold on like everyone else!
Pete's watching closely, soon he wanted to hold on too.
We road the subway to Shinjuku 新宿区 which is another busy and popular commercial and administrative part of Tokyo.  It is amazing how clean and orderly every part of the city seems to be.
This building curves in and out ... we tried to capture it in this photo but it doesn't do it lots of justice.
It was a beautiful evening as we walked the streets checking out the architecture as we made our way to our dinner reservations.
Us!  And obviously I have pretty happy about being there!
Such a cool building.
 We walked up to a busy pedestrian overpass to people watch.
 I tried to capture the movement of the city.
 When the traffic stops in all directions people cross the road diagonally.

It was fun to spend some time walking the streets and shopping.  Everyone was so patient letting me take pictures of the buildings and architecture.