Tuesday, April 21, 2015

And we're off.

Today we left for a trip of a lifetime to Japan.
The two older kids are staying with grandparents and Pete is going with us.  We originally had another trip with friends on the calendar but when our friend was deployed those plans got postponed.  Going to Japan was an easy decision when my brother Nathan and his family moved their in January.
I had to document it, 49 pounds on the luggage {out of 50 without getting penalized}.  We took an entire suitcase of stuff for Nate and Lauren and I was so worried about getting it all in and under weight.  I should have taken a picture of the open suitcases with all the CANDY for Lauren!
Good bye Utah.
"I am coming to play Tagg!"
Entertainment at his fingertips!
We were trying to avoid flying through LAX and California in general so we booked tickets through Seattle and the connection was dreamy.  The flight to Seattle was a little over an hour and then we were on our way to Japan.
Ya!  We were able to get Pete's car chair on both flights with us.
Pete was a gem on both flights.  Not a peep or a problem.
Our flight to Japan was completely empty, it was so strange.  There were 24 people total and most of them were in first class.  {We later learned that the Japanese government controls when flights land and so Delta flies this flight only a couple of times a year to keep their gate priority - it's a great flight to know about if you are ever going to Japan}.  We were in the front row in comfort economy so we could use the Delta bassinet for Pete.  Because the flight was empty we got to bring the car chair on so we didn't end up using the bassinet.  Pete slept the first 5 hours and then got up for about an hour and a half and then slept again the last few hours.

We flew through the night and lost a day on the way!  When we landed in Japan it was 7 AM MST to us but 10:30 at night {the next night} in Japan.  We weren't sure what do with Pete as far as jet lag goes, so we decided to just let him sleep when he wanted to and it all worked out fine.  I tried to stay up as long as I could but I ultimately ended up sleeping for a majority of the flight.
At the advise of Elephant and Chick I snagged some extra pillows and blankets for us.
Getting settled in.
Some friends highly recommend this no-jet-lag pill.  We tried it and did fine with the jet lag so I am not sure if it was the medicine or just our busy schedule {I personally have never had a really hard time with jet-lag}.
Pete sleeping in the row by himself {I was a little bit surprised that Delta didn't make us sit next to him}.
This was the view almost the entire flight - we followed the sun all the way over.
It is so beautiful - I could have watched the view for hours.
We flew into Tokyo International Airpot - Haneda
It was raining lightly when we landed.

We planned beforehand to catch a cab to Nate and Lauren's place when we landed.
Nate sent me this paper {pictured below} to print and have ready to hand to the cab driver.
It must say something good because after about a 20 minute cab ride, the cab pulled up to a large building and motioned to us that we were there.


近辺にある目印になるもの Places close by

JR 広尾駅 Hiroo Station
広尾学園 Hiroo Gakuen
聖心女子学園 Sacred Heart
広尾プラザ Hiroo Plaza
口蓋公園 Kougai Park

外苑西通り沿いにあるアパートです。天現寺から青山方面に向かう方向で進み、  JR広尾駅 を通り過ぎ、信号機「広尾学園前」のすぐ次の信号の左前にある高いビルのアパートです。道路の反対側には口蓋公園が、すぐ隣にはアパホテル西麻布(APA Hotel Nishiazabu )が あります

A big wooden sliding door opened to the building and there was LAUREN in her PJ's and Ugg's to greet us.  I wish I had a picture or better yet a video of us screaming and hugging and almost crying - we were so excited to see each other.
Even though it was late and we were all tired I had to dig through my bags and find the Magleby's cake I brought for Lauren straight from Provo, Utah.  She was over the moon about it!
I also had a loaf of my mom's fresh homemade bread for Nate.

We had to make ourselves stop talking so we could go to bed!
Welcome to Tokyo!!!