Thursday, April 23, 2015

Japan {Shibuya Crossing}.

Our next stop was Shibuya crossing which is located at one of Tokyo's busiest stations.
Riding the train.
There are vending machines EVERYWHERE in Japan selling virtually everything.  It is kind of ironic because the Japanese people don't typically eat in public.
Shibuya is famous for its scramble crossing in front of Shibuya station which stops traffic in every direction to allow pedestrians to walk the entire intersection.  It's like Times Square of New York City and featured in a lot of movies.

This picture is from a viewing area inside the train station.  The Starbucks pictured above is the busiest in the world.
Here is the street before everyone crosses.
This cute old Japanese man inside the train station was mesmerized by Pete.  He was trying so hard to communicate with us but we could not figure out what he was saying/asking.
We decided to go down to the street and experience it for ourselves.  Like any other tourist we crossed the street, twice!
Lauren and Tagg in the middle of it all
{Nate was on a business trip for the day}.
We weren't there during rush hour so it wasn't overly crowded.
A quick train ride to lunch after Shibuya.

Here we are again, stopped by a stranger wanting to see Pete.  This lady was forceful and even tried to hold Pete.
Lauren took us to her favorite curry place for lunch.  She wanted a 'westerner's' fresh opinion on if the curry tasted authentic or if it had some kind of Japanese twist.  We thought it was amazing and true to what we would expect to eat at a good curry place.
 CoCo Curry House.
We all shared this Chicken curry and sticky rice dish.