Friday, April 24, 2015

Japan {Asakusa}.

After lunch we headed here, to Asakusa Shrine 浅草神社 it was probable one of the most tourist filled places we went the entire trip.  Pictured above; these teenagers were SO excited when we agreed to take a photo with them.  Everyone thinks that Pete is "kawaii" {cute} 可愛い.  
Before you actually get to the shrine you walk along this long path of touristy shops - it was fun to look at everything they were selling.  We found some fun stuff for our kids here.  We were stopped over and over again by people gawking over how cute Pete is.  It must be his light hair and blue eyes.  EVERYONE was staring at him.
Asakusa Shrine is known as the "shrine of the three Gods" and is the most popular Shinto temple in Tokyo.
We found some Japanese cherry blossoms!
Door details.
We were trying to get our picture under the famous Japanese lantern known as Kaminarimon  雷門 {thunder gates} the guy pictured in pink and his posy of friends jumped in front of us for their own picture.
This picture is the best we got! The gates we are standing under were original built in 942 AD!
This large sandal just inside the second shrine is believed to scare off evil spirits.  If you jump up and touch it you are blessed with good-luck for the year.
Good job Gregg!
Nate, Lauren and cute sleeping Tagg.
This picture was taken inside the main shrine looking towards where one would worship or pray - the people all throw money inside.
Gregg and Nate stood there for a minute and tried to figure out how much money people collectively throw in over the course of a year.  They figured the Shrine must make a million just in coins being tossed in.
I found this prayer rod very interesting.  Anyone would take a paper and write the name of someone who was in need of extra prayers on that paper and then tie it to this rod.
So fascination how so many temples, ours included, have so many similarities.
Lighting details.
Architectural details.
This is taken standing just outside the main shrine looking back toward the first shrine {you can see the large lantern in the middle} and the sandal on the left.
Lauren waited outside so the noise would not wake Tagg.
Soffit details.
There are three large lanterns in all.
This was on the ceiling.
We sat on a curb inside the gardens and talked about the Japanese culture and people.  It is so fascinating to be here and to learn all about the people and culture.  We are eating it all up!!!