Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Japan {Ginza Street}.

Back in Tokyo Lauren showed me this awesome diagram she made of the subway system.  She has places she wants to try at each stop and business cards from places she has tried hanging up.
It's so cute.
Here is the view from the master bedroom!
Tagg was being so cute.
Tagg had a blast sharing his bath with Pete.
Lauren ran out for some stuff so Gregg and I bathed the kids and put them to bed.
When Lauren got back she sent Gregg and I out on our own to navigate the subway system ourselves on our last night in Tokyo so we could say we did it!  Really we don't deserve any credit because she wrote everything down!
On the walk from Quinn's place to the subway you pass this awesome car dealership, Gregg loved it.  He pointed out that there was also a really nice dealership you had to pass by in San Francisco when walking from Nate and Lauren's to the bus.
Out on the town, on our own in Tokyo.
We went out to celebrate our anniversary.
We spotted this Outback a few days ago and decided to go there for an American/Autralian {!?} meal while in Japan!
Who could ever pass up a bloomin' onion?!
Next we headed off to Ginza Street 銀座 which is similar to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
Ginza street is recognized by many as the most luxurious shopping district in the world.  Alot of high-end companies have there flagship stores here.
Lauren sent us to check out this store, UniQlo, it is similar to the GAP.  This building was huge, there was no way to represent that in a photo.  We got Gregg some clothes here.
The iconic Wako store.