Sunday, April 26, 2015

Japan {Sunday}.

We attended church with Nate and Lauren.  They live in an English speaking ward in an English stake.  I snapped these pictures with my iphone during church {!} and I know they aren't great but I wanted to remember this cute missionary couple.  They immediately asked to hold Pete and proceeded to hold him during the entire service, they said that Pete reminded them of their grandchildren and they needed a grandkid fix.   
They are from Idaho and are in Tokyo serving their second mission {they are going on a third mission to Russia} he is the mission doctor for the Asia area missionaries.  They would not share Pete with anyone!  They just enjoyed having a baby to love and hold - it was really sweet!
This is Sister Wada, her husband is the mission President of the Tokyo South mission.  One of my previous young woman from the Midway 5th ward, Talia Law is serving in their mission.  I didn't get to see Talia but I did meet her sweet mission mom.
Lauren's after church treat!
Magleby's chocolate cake.
Have your cake and eat it too!